3 Clever Ways to Make Your Articles “Suck”

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This is a guest post by Bryan who is an article marketing expert and blogs at Money With Articles . Today he is using his experience to tell us 3 things that your articles should definitely have to make it a traffic sucking monster.

The title probably caught your attention, didn’t it? If you know anything about article marketing, you should know that the title is one of the most important elements to an article. It literally makes or breaks it. It’s the one thing that a visitor will come across and decide whether or not they will continue on to read what follows.

If your title is weak, chances are, you won’t get many people sweeping through to read your content, no matter HOW glorious or informative it may be. That’s the truth about article marketing. It can be brutal out there, but it doesn’t have to be.

How to Make Your Articles “Suck”

If you thought I was going to teach you how to write crappy articles, think again. What I’m really referring to is how to turn your articles into traffic sucking monsters!

When you write articles, your main goal is to get that visitor to perform an action, whether it be to click on an affiliate link, an ad, sign up to your mailing list, etc. You want them to do anything BUT leave, and that’s why you need to make your articles “suck” the visitor in so deep that they have no choice but to react.

Once you master the power of writing articles that “suck”, you’ll harness a power that many article marketers will never posses!

If you’re unsure how to write articles that can perform like vacuums, below are 3 clever ways that can help you get on the right track:

#1 – Creating an Irresistible, Wacky and Eye-Catching Headline

Like I said above, if you want to grab the reader by the eyes, it’s all in the headline. Write a mediocre, boring headline and you’ll get mediocre and boring results. Do the opposite, however, and the results can be stunning!

Need some ideas on creating an interesting headline? Take a look at a local newspaper. You’ll find plenty of examples that you can use to gather new ideas for your next article. The goal is to make your title eye-catching, but to also make it believable. Never deliberately lie or cause deception in your writing, as this will NOT help!

Don’t know what type of headline to use? Create some different variations, step inside the mind of another reader and pick the one that catches your attention the most.

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#2 – Trigger Their Emotions to Win Them Over

When crafting your articles, you never want them to come off sounding like a dull book report. That will have browsers clicking the back button quick!

So, what can you do to keep a visitor engaged? Write compelling content that triggers their emotions!

Let’s face it – if you’re reading content that triggers an emotion inside of you, your mind starts to become curious. You find yourself more focused than ever, reading every word for word. Once that emotion is triggered, you’re committed. This is the same idea you should always use when writing articles.

You see, when someone gets their emotions involved, they can tend to make decisions without letting anything else get in the way. Once you master that, there is one more trick that you need to get a grip on before you successfully close the deal.

#3 – Have a Knockout Closing

The last piece to making your article truly “suck” is to have a knockout closing. If you don’t do this right, it can damage everything you did up until this point.

The closing needs to trigger an action that needs to be made by the reader. It needs to commit the reader and leave them no other options. It’s just like closing a sale. No matter how good you make things beforehand, if you can’t close the sale, you end up with nothing.

The easiest way to master a closing is to give your reader no choices, causing them to take action. A solid approach is to leave them hungry for more. Give them everything they are desperately seeking, but leave out that one missing piece of info that they HAVE to have, and you’ll see your articles start to gain some serious weight!

It Takes Time, But it’s Possible

Writing articles that “suck” can take some effort at first, but once you write a few articles following these tips above, it’ll become 2nd hand. Follow these tips and I can guarantee that your articles will “suck” forever!

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satrap January 8, 2011 at 11:31 am

I think if you get the title of your article right, you are half way home. The first impression factors is a major part of traffic from articles.
However, writing good titles is one thing and writing an article that delivers what your title promises is another thing. I believe you lose more traffic and readership by not delivering what you your title said your article was going to deliver.

Jasmine January 9, 2011 at 11:57 pm

Thank you for the tips. I am sure sometimes it is good to make an article suck to attract more traffic and visitors. At least you have gotten my attention to this article. 🙂

Sandro January 16, 2011 at 3:20 pm

Great tips. The article’s headline has got to be a catchy one.But not many writers (me included) are willing to put some zest in their posts. Your title is cool, btw!

Michelle March 12, 2011 at 11:05 am

Not all are born with a flair in writing and that includes me in the amateur list as well. The three rules to watch out are like the golden rules. With too many writers, creating traffic or attracting readers is becoming a challenging task for the writers because the readers always wants to read something new but it’s natural to run out of ideas sometimes and get motivated to write again.

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