Saving Yourself From Blogging Boredom

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This is a guest post by Peter from Ideas Bubble that is helping us today with ways to save our self from blogging boredom which undoubtedly a blogger faces sometimes. This post is a great survival guide.

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7 days a week, a few times posting a week, commenting and guest posting; it all builds up, and before you know it you’ve lost complete interest in blogging. Things can become extremely repetitive if you don’t keep looking for different ways to fuel your interest in the blogosphere.

This can also explain why so many people end up quitting blogging, they don’t achieve the goals that they want or they lose interest. To avoid the same fate as what many people have had before us, there are certain things we can do to escape.

Here Are Just A Few Tips You Can Use To Save Yourself From Blogging Boredom:

Take A Break Already

Your latest post probably can wait till tomorrow, do you seriously need to post every single day? Over working yourself can be one of the prime reasons why people grow bored of blogging. Results don’t just appear straight away, so always be prepared to take a break when you start to notice that nothing is happening for you.

Always Look For New Things To Do

Bloggers get bored because they end up doing the same thing over and over and over, write a guest post and then comment. We need to keep on finding new things to motivate, which is why we should always be on the lookout for them. Why not write a new eBook, host a competition or do a guest posting marathon. These are all things we can do to cure ourselves from boredom.

Find New Readership

New people are always out there for you to amaze. There is bound for there to be someone out there who wants to hear something new from you, so why not give it to them? There is always excitement in building up a strong new friendship with a fellow blogger that you’ve just met. The more you get out and meet, the more you will start to enjoy yourself 😉

Competitions Keep You Going

I love a good competitive competition, one that involves heavy promotion and guest posting. Competitions are also a great way of curing boredom as they give you something new to do that isn’t just constricted around your blog. It also ties in with the point above, of making new readership and friends, as guest posting also does that for you.

Start Tinkering

This can pass way too much time, seriously.  When I’m bored, I might decide to pass the time by modifying my template a small bit, and then this can turn into a full on design change.  If you decide to change something, you might come up with a whole new idea, there goes a few hours… And you’re instantly cured from blogging boredom.

Visit A Website You Hate The Most

This technique doesn’t always work, but if you know a website that you really hate, simply go visit it. It might give you the determination to continue on and achieve something greater than it; I’m not too sure if this technique completely works though. Hope it doesn’t have the adverse effect either. 😛

Let me know how do get rid of blogging boredom by commenting below. Do you have any special therapy to share? Then let us know that! 😀

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Rajan Balana January 8, 2011 at 11:24 pm

Compete your site with other bloggers is a good tools to rise your interest and motivate yourself. Great written peter 🙂

bilal February 28, 2011 at 7:39 pm

i always try to give something new to reader,i set my goals that,s keep me away from blogging boredom.when i see such a great response than i take rest ,that,s also my strategy of making interest in blogging

Maryn June 15, 2011 at 3:31 am

It also helps to have a clear understanding what your goal is. Do you just like to write? Are you trying to support yourself? In my line of work, people see what I do and often say they want to do it. But when it finally comes down to it, it’s hard work plain and simple. Some people might perceive that as boredom. It’s really the same with blogging. The REAL work isn’t always exciting 🙂

Michelle Sterling August 23, 2011 at 2:14 pm

At some point of time boredom always creeps into our lives however active we might be because we are only humans. Taking a short break is always a wonderful idea because it relaxes our body and mind and helps us get back to work more energized. Since people read and get motivated it is important for writers specially to be in good spirit while writing.

MatthewHundley@National Auto Transport September 12, 2011 at 10:00 pm

I guess you have pointed out a very serious mistake I made when I left my website in the air. I love to write and all but one day I just grow tired of it and boom! I didn’t write anymore until now. This is a taste of reality which I could have solved by finding ways of accepting things in a happier perspective.

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