5 Tips To Get More Guest Posts For Your Blog

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This is a guest post by Anil Gupta from ScopeForMoney.com. In this post, you will get to know 5 effective ways to get more guest bloggers writing on your blog.

Google love blogs as they are updated with fresh and targeted content on regular basis. And as a blogger, it becomes a big challenge coming up with quality posts on regular basis. This is where guest blogging comes into play.

Guest blogging is beneficial for the guest posters and blog owners. With guest blogging, guest posters are able to get valuable and quality one-way backlinks, traffic and branding for their websites with various anchor texts. And with guest blogging concept, blog owners are able to get targeted content coming on their blogs from other website owners and bloggers in their own and related niches.

But now the real problem arises, how to find guest bloggers who will be interested in writing guest posts on your blog. If you are facing the similar problem, I’m going to share 5 tips to help you with getting lots of guest posts coming on your blog:

1. Popular Blogs in Your Niche

Spend some time browsing some of the popular blogs in your niche and make a list of bloggers and website owners contributing guest posts there. Contact all guest bloggers and invite them for guest blogging on your blog. If you have decent blog, there is a good chance that lots of people will respond positively to your invitation.

2. Create Submit Post Section

Create a “Submit Post Section” on your blog indicating your blog readers the opportunity to write guest posts on your blog. You should mention some basic details like the kind of content you accept, words length, link policy, how to contact you etc. on that page.

3. Holding Contests

You can get lots of targeted outputs by holding contests and giving away stuffs that matters. You can think of creating a guest blogging contest on your blog, which will motivate lots of guest bloggers to write for your blog.

I have been running a guest blogging contest on my blog, which looks a great success to me looking the kind of response I’m getting from other bloggers and website owners in the form of guest posts. So you can repeat the same kind of success on your blog doing a similar contest.

4. Inviting Old Guest Bloggers to Contribute More

If your blog has already got some guest posts published from other bloggers. Then why not generate a list of all guest bloggers and invite them to submit further guest posts on your blog. On seeing your guest posts invitation there will be some who will actually be interested in writing more guest posts for your blog. I got some level of success using this technique as well.

5. Create Threads on Discussion Forums

Create threads on MyBlogGuest (a site completely dedicated to guest blogging), Digitalpoint Forum, SitePoint, Warrior Forum kind of discussion forums created around webmasters, SEO and blogging communities. Lots of guest bloggers browse these discussion forums as a way to find blogs where they can submit their guest posts. So you should see some positive response coming on your threads created on these discussion forums.

Do you have something more to add to this list, please share it in the comments section below.

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Anand Singh January 10, 2011 at 1:36 pm

i think contributing a guest post may also bring guest blogger to post on your blog. And forums are always the best place to find guest bloggers.

Felicia January 13, 2011 at 9:44 am

Guest posting can be very beneficial for blog owners who don’t have fresh articles every time. However, in order to have regular people guest post for your blog can be challenging. As for the guest posters, it would be hard to have their guest posts accepted if they don’t have high quality content.

Ankit Batra January 14, 2011 at 5:13 pm

This is a very useful post on guest blogging. MyBlogGuest is especially a great place for getting more guest posts. Thanks Anil!

Veru January 17, 2011 at 7:50 am

Having a guest blogger contest sounds like a great way to build a better community in the Web2.0 world that we live in. How will a forum help your blog in this?

Suraj February 2, 2011 at 10:45 am

Thanks for sharing this article. By chance do you know, “Is there any way to review guest post in blogspot platform?”

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