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With millions of registered domain names in the world, it’s hard to find a good domain name that’s still available. The fact is that the domain name market is filled with opportunistic traders who are in the business of buying and selling domain names with no intention of actually making use of it. Due to this, most of the registered domain names don’t even have a website to go along with it!

This could frustrate you sometimes when you are on a hunt for a good domain name because using domain name checking tools of official domain registrars takes lot of time and sometimes the results are zero i.e .the domain name is taken.

But there are several tools that can be very handy when it comes to looking for a domain name. This could bring down the time you actually waste on finding domains on a specific domain registrar. One nice handy tool is – PCNames which helps you search domain names instantly.

PCNames – What Is This?

PCNames is a web based instant domain checking tool that reduces the time you spend when searching for a domain name on a domain registrar website. I found its name quite weird and totally different from what it does. I’m still not able to figure out what does ‘PC’ stands for in its name. If you can guess it or know it then do comment on this post.

How Does PCNames Works?

The design of PCNames is really simple (great) and ads-free (superb). This makes the website load quickly and it saves your time. When you visit PCNames, you see a box in front of you. What you got to do here is just put your keyword or the domain name you have in mind and PCNames will start checking the availability of .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name domain names.

There are three colors for indicating the domain availability.

  • Red Color Indicates – Domain Is Taken (Not Available)
  • Green Color Indicates – Domain Is Available For Purchase (..and you need to hurry!)
  • Blue Color Indicates – Domain Is Taken…but It is Available For Sale By The Owner

Let’s Get On The Ground And Play With PCNames

It’s time for me to actually test out PCNames and see how it works. The conclusions below are unbiased.

I made a test on PCNames for the domain name “smartbloggerz” (yes, that’s the name of this blog). The results are below.

Now here is what I have to tell. The instant search sometimes doesn’t works. Yes, just like Google Instant Search, PCNames instant search didn’t worked for me on the first run sometimes and kept showing “loading…” text even after waiting for 20 seconds. And after few refreshing, it worked. It’s surely not a problem of my internet connection because I have two connections of different ISP’s on two different PC’s and I checked it 4-5 times, but instant search had some problems in giving out results.

Surprisingly, I felt sometimes that “disabling instant search” gave me results much quicker than the regular instant search. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the truth.

The bulk domain search from PCNames is also a nice tool and it doesn’t take any additional time for searching domain names which is a good thing.

There is one more glitch I noticed in this web based tool, sometimes when you search for a domain name, it shows availability but when you actually step ahead and look to purchase it, then the domain name is not available. I made this test for the keyword “makemoneyonline” and PCNames told that .biz domain is available but when I actually went for purchasing it, the domain name was not available. You can check this yourself because this problem still exists.

PCNames Pro – One Step Ahead

On the upper right corner of PCNames website, there is an option to switch over to the Pro version of PCNames. Don’t worry; the Pro version doesn’t costs you anything. This is just one step ahead of the regular lighter version of PCNames.

There are two things the Pro version offers that the Lighter version doesn’t. Here are they:

  • Domain Suggestion – As you type your keyword in the Pro version of PCNames, it shows domain suggestions in right hand side that could be considered and checked instantly with PCNames. This stops you from brainstorming for further domain ideas related to that keyword and you don’t have to get headache anymore while searching for domain names.
  • Related Premium Domain Names – Then there is this feature in the pro version that gives you related premium domains available for sale on Sedo. I think this needs a little improvement because when I did a search for “harrypotter”, the related premium domain names suggested were irrelevant. Plus, I found that the related premium domains remained the same even when I changed to a completely different keyword: “bloggingtips”.

Search Domains Instantly – And Buy Domains Instantly From PCNames

You have already understood that PCNames checks domain names availability quicker but there is one more nicer thing about it. You can buy the domains available for purchase and sale instantly from 3 domain registrars.

  • GoDaddy
  • Yahoo
  • Network Solutions

I don’t know why NetworkSolutions is in that list. They offer such a high price for domain names which I think isn’t right. They could better include other domain registrar sites like Name.com or the upcoming HostGator’s domain registrar service that will offer prices cheaper than Godaddy.

If you are also looking to purchase web hosting for that domain name then there is a great offer. You can get the domain name Free of cost if you purchase web hosting from the listed companies on PCNames (Web Hosting Hub & InMotion).

Final Statement

PCNames is a nice tool to search for domain names and save your time but it can be improved by solving the problems that exists in it about which I talked above. Plus they could add more additional features like Google Keyword tool suggestion check, better domain recommendation etc.

Do give PCNames a try and let me know your opinions about it. Did you found it useful or not? Just comment below.


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Bintang December 31, 2010 at 8:57 am

Thomas, I never realize it but when you say it’s like real estate, it is so very true. It’s really hard to get domain names now. The good names have all been taken. Even if it’s available, you just can’t believe the price they’re putting on it. This is because there are more news of domains being bought at very high price so everyone is trying to get something from it too.

joshua January 3, 2011 at 5:13 pm

So, through PC domain names one can do a search of several names at the same time! I was asked if there is a tool where one can search many domain names and now I have got an answer. Are there other tools apart from this?

Typhoon January 4, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Yup there are..Just Google it 😉

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