Hubpages Vs. Squidoo – The First 24 Hours

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This is a guest post by Ryan who writes on his personal finance blog – PlantingDollars. Through this post, he is contributing a case study that he did with his articles on two sites  – Squidoo and Hubpages, to see which got ranked better on Google in first 24 hrs. It will be interesting to see whether Google “really” loves Squidoo over other sites or it is just a little mythical thing. Let’s get started reading this case study…

I’ve been building websites and blogging for a few years now and somehow had managed not to wander over to squidoo or hubpages. Both sites are easy to set up, offer the possibility to make money, and admittedly get a bit addictive. However, I wanted to see which one ranked better, and caught the eye of Google.

Before I talk about what happened when I used both hubpages and squidoo I’d like to explain…

The Three Reasons I Signed up for Squidoo and Hubpages

1. Backlinks Squidoo offers dofollow links right off the bat, and hubpages offers dofollow after you build up some notoriety on their site. Either way, you can build links to your blogs and websites with ease every time you create a lens or hub. Backlinks are the key to ranking well so either way, you should probably consider signing up to get some linkage.

2. Unique Topics to Write AboutI run several blogs, but what do I do if I want to write a post about “where to find boric acid“? Why would I want to write something like that? Because I see an underutilized niche, however I don’t want to build a whole niche website about this. Creating a lens or a hub is a perfect option that allows me to write pages for the search engines without setting up completely new websites.

3. Income Your posts have ads which squidoo and hubpages will share with you if someone clicks on them. Pretty neat considering you don’t have to set up any contracts. All you have to do is have a paypal account with squidoo, but with hubpages you’ll need to set up adsense, amazon, kontera, and other types of accounts in order to make some moola.

Comparing the Two

I wrote a post on my personal finance blog about a credit card documentary I watched, called “In debt we trust.” I wanted to do a bit of promoting so I then created a squidoo lens and a hub on hubpages about “credit card documentaries”, both linking back to my main site about the documentary.

They’re very similar posts and talks about practically the same thing, but the difference in results in the first 24 hours really surprised me.

After 24 hours What Did I have?

Hubpages was number 11 for credit card documentaries.

Squidoo was nowhere to be found for the term credit card documentaries.

Credit Card Documentaries

This is just my first test run to see which site performs better in rankings for similar posts, but I’m already leaning towards hubpages since I’ve seen it rank well already for my other hubs like where to buy boric acid.

This is by no means a complete analysis, just some observations. I’ll be watching over the next few weeks to see which article service is ranking higher to determine where I’ll focus most of my efforts.

Do you use squidoo or hubpages?

Do you like one more than the other, or have seen one rank significantly better than the other? Let us know that by using the comment form below…

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Kim July 28, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Great article, I’ve never used squidoo but am thinking about setting up a few lenses there. I do have experience with hubpages and all my posts get indexed with in 10-24 hours which is lovely. The inerface is very user friendly and there community is great.

Len October 16, 2012 at 6:54 am

Interesting article, I use both, and have never really checked to see which is best. Maybe I should, I stopped using them both for a while as they are very strict on the topics you write about. My main Niche is losing belly fat and they don’t seem to like some of the words you use, I got a bit sick of them rejecting my lenses and Hubs. But have gone back lately and did a lens and a Hub on a different topic/niche and they seem to be doing well.

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