What Do SEO Specialist And A Miner Have In Common?

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This is a guest post by Dmitry Gushchin who is the creator of EasySEOTracking Service. In this post he takes us on a story that tells what’s common between a Coal Miner and A SEO Specialist. It’s very interesting…

In accordance to WIKI:

A miner is a person whose work or business is to extract ore or minerals from the earth.

What is the difference between a good miner and a bad one? Let’s see how the good miner and the bad miner do their job.

Bad Miner

Bad miner spends his day in searching for a coal mine. Once the mine is found he spends another day by working in the coal mine (which is very uncomfortable place without light and proper air). At the third day he might realize that the mine does not have coal at all. The miner switches to the next mine and the process starts from the beginning. Finally his wife leaves him, but he does not notice – he had a lot of work to be done.

Good Miner

Good Miner is a friend of Bad Miner and he has a more productive approach. He takes the map and spend a hour on researching it. He is searching for mines:

  1. That are with coal.
  2. Which are not found by other miners.

Once it is done he takes his lighter and goes to the coal mine. The work is still hard but by the end of the day he comes to his loving wife with the money.

What Is The Difference Between Them?
The answer is evident – the good miner never go to a coal mine without his favorite tools.

SEO Specialist

The job of SEO Specialist is safer and it is certainly better compensated. But the issues SEO specialist faces every day are very similar to the ones that the miner needs to resolve:

  1. What are the keywords I need to concentrate on (Where is the mine?)
  2. If I create a site – will it attract a large number of customers? (Is there any coal in the mine?)
  3. Where is my site in Google Search Results (Where I am in the dark mine?)

The SEO specialist is very similar to the miner who is trying to do his job better. Would it be nice if the SEO specialist had his/her own map and a lighter?

And he actually has them. They are SEO Tools:


Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools are very similar to the map for the miners. They allow miner to select a proper location for mine before he leaves his house.

SEO specialist enters different keywords and immediately sees how many visitors he or she will potentionally attract.

There is a Google Traffic Estimator tool at the example above. You need to have AdWords account to utilize it.

Keyword Analysis Research Tools

Keyword Analysis Research Tool allow users to perform the research that will show how many sites are already targeted for the particular keywords. It also allows specialists to avoid the situation when he works with the mine which is already occupied by the competitors:

The tool above provides users with information on the strength of competitors in the preferred area. The large number of red squares reflects the fact the competition level is high. The large number of green squares tells users that the competition level is low.

Parameters the tool analyses are:

  • Page Rank
  • Number Of Backlinks
  • Are There Keywords In URL?
  • Are There Keywords In Title?
  • Unique Visitors Per Month


To determine what is the position of your site in the mine called Internet, you should use Google SERP Checker.

The tool allows you to enter the keywords and immediately see what is the position of your site in Google Search Results.

They also store the previous data so you can see if you made any progress or not.

Above are the tools I use every day. What tools are your favorites which help you select a good “mine”? Let us know it by commenting below.

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Hello! My name is Dmitry Gushchin. I am the creator of Easy SEO Tracking service. My service helps SEO specialists to track their basic SEO parameters and monitor their SEO efforts. Check one of the tools provided by the service right now: Google SERP Checker

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mark March 13, 2012 at 10:29 pm

nice comparison. Internet marketers are really like miners. Dig and did until you found your pot of gold.

Ben Atkinson May 9, 2013 at 12:31 am

Thanks for this, I loved the story at the start it is very true to our industry indeed, Incase you aren’t already aware which i’m sure you are i’m quiet in to using a google add on call cyfe, its an all in one business analytics dashboard I find it very useful, and ofcourse your rite any seo who has any idea of what he’s doing uses atleast one of these tools.

Many thanks

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