SmartBloggerz Is Back Again – New Design, Premium Content For Subscribers And A Lot More!

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BOOM! Yes, SmartBloggerz is back again…And for next few months its all going to be AWESOME on this blog. I will tell you all that thing later in the post.

First of all, Do you see something new this time?

Right! We did a complete makeover of this blog and what you see right now is all new SmartBloggerz which now runs on thesis framework using a kolakube skin with custom modification. I have not yet completed the work on this skin completely. About 30-40% work is still remaining and I am working with my programmer/designer for the rest of the thing to be completed as soon as possible.

Yeah, that’s great but where have you been these days?

Many of you must be asking this question and many of you already know where I was, but let me start the story for those who don’t know what I was doing in past one month. Plus I will also tell you what’s coming new this time and why I went for a makeover for this blog (the whole process) etc. So let’s start…


“Blog Not Updated From February 12th” – What I was doing?

As I said some of you already know this i.e my newsletter subscribers and friends on social media sites (facebook and twitter). You probably know that I am a high school student and the reason that I was not able to update the blog neither with guest post nor with my own content were my final school exams. I went for a break from blogging and spent that time in the preparation of exam. My main subject exams got over on 22nd march and immediately after coming from the examination center, I pulled my blog down for the makeover.

Makeover? But WHY? – The Whole Process

Previously, SmartBloggerz was using the ultimate blogging theme but later I realized that SmartBloggerz needs a little change in the design considering the immense competition gathering in this niche. Also, on little research, I noticed that sites having better design were really appealing to the commentators thus increasing the community participation.

Though the ultimate blogging theme was having the ability to act like a framework and a skin could be built around it but while everyone was praising thesis framework and it’s advantages; I couldn’t resist myself from using it on my main blog. I was already using thesis on some of my niche sites so there wasn’t a problem in understanding it.

One more thing I did – Reinstalled WordPress COMPLETELY. Previously, smartbloggerz was having many issues with its mysql database, feed and the wordpress installation was like crap. It would be surprising for you to know that when I upgraded my previous wordpress version to 3.1, no changes came into effect! That was really annoying to me and hence I finally decided to reinstall wordpress.

And man! This re-installation work was really time consuming. I thought I just had to take the backup, delete wordpress, re-install it and upload the backup. But that f8c0k*ng backup file was also corrupted, bringing me to a very strange situation. I tried installing wordpress with that backup file many times and if you are following me on twitter, you may have noticed a couple of “hello world” articles being tweeted (thanks to Google’s feedburner social promoter feature).

Then by changing the way I was doing the re-installation; I was able to successfully get the blog again with almost all the required database files. Then I installed thesis framework and uploaded the kolakube skin for further modification.

After two days of tweaking, I opened my blog again for public viewing yesterday evening. There are still many designing work pending mostly in post footer and blog footer. I hope that will be completed in next 2-3 days.

Thanks To Guest Authors + Advertisers

I would like to thank the guest authors who even in my absence, submitted their guest post. And right now there is big backlog of guest post which I will try to publish one by one on this blog.

Also thanks to my advertisers, they DIDN’T thought of dropping their ads from this blog probably because the traffic remained almost the same (ahh..suprising to me also..) throughout this time. Surprisingly, two new advertisers joined this blog as an advertiser even when there was no new content being published.

So thank you again my guest authors and advertisers.

Something BIG Is Coming…For Newsletter Subscribers!

If you are a newsletter subscriber of smartbloggerz, you probably know the immense value you get being my subscriber which is of course for free. Starting from April, NEWSLETTER ONLY subscriber will get access to my premium content and tips absolutely FREE.

Premium Content? And What Is It?

Want to know what kind of premium content there is coming for newsletter subscribers? Here are some titles for those:

  • How NoOBs Can Make Money Online? The Pocket Money Method
  • Twitter Hijacking Technique
  • StumbleUpon Hijacking Technique
  • Alexa Hijacking Technique
  • Crying For .edu and .gov backlinks? I will show you a super simple way to get those backlinks…ha haa ha 😀 (I wanted to laugh here)

All this and more (like softwares, plugins, templates, ebooks, turnkey niche blogs etc. : current newsletter subscribers already know this) will be provided with a unique way.

How? See his image:

Earlier, I used to provide ‘newsletter subscribers only’ content directly in the mail..But I will now be providing it on the blog giving the subscribers a access code for it. I think this is a much better way because I don’t like typing long-long emails and then change its formatting accordingly. Now it will be easy for me to write the content directly on blog and give the access in a password protected manner.

If you want to be my newsletter subscriber, all you have to do is subscribe on this page and get blogging profit formula. It’s FREE.

That’s It In This Update

I hope you will be happy to see SmartBloggerz back again and what’s coming new for the newsletter subscribers. Not just newsletter subscribers, but also normal readers will be getting good value in coming days from this blog.

I will also be trying to become a little active guest author. So if you want to guest post on SmartBloggerz, it’s the right time to take the benefits of my guest posting efforts which will bring traffic to this blog by submitting a guest post for this blog.

Do let us know your opinions about the new look of SmartBloggerz. Did you noticed the boost in speed also? And what you have been doing all these days? Use the NEW COMMENT FORM below to tell me that 😉

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Yasir April 3, 2011 at 8:00 pm

A good makeover for smart bloggerz I appreciate it

Bican Valeriu@Seopressor Review April 3, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Hi. Im new here. I like the new desing and you use Marketers Delight …not ??
I used this theme some time ago…The desing is great !

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