How To Deal With Different Types Of Distractions While Blogging

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This is a guest post by Natasha who is going to help us today how to deal with those common distractions we often face while blogging. I am surely going to try out her solutions for the distractions she has talked about today in this post. I usually face those everyday.

Whilst I write this post, there are a number of things that can divert my attention; some can be controlled, while others are what we call “external factors”. Writing is a job that requires a lot of concentration, and a simple post will end up taking ages to complete, if you are allowing all of these distractions to get the better of you.

Distractions are there for each and every blogger, unless you are blogging as a job from an office, even then you’ll have to face some of these distractions. Even though some writers can still write amidst these distractions, but the end result will be of mediocre quality, because you weren’t using your mind to the fullest.

That is why I thought, it’d be a good idea to discuss these distractions one by one, and see how we can tackle them.

1. The Cell phone!

Not just for writers, but for all kinds of professionals, students, businessmen, and the likes, cell phones are turning out to be the number one distraction for all and sundry.

We carry them everywhere (that’s precisely why they are called mobiles), and we do carry them all the time, even worse, very few can ignore a new text message or call even if it is coming from some unknown number (in fact that makes it even more hard to ignore). Quite often, it happens that you sit down to write on a topic, you push your mind to write, but as soon as you start getting the stream of ideas, the screen of your cell phone lights up, the body quivers, and some familiar ringtone breaks the silence … and lo, suddenly your mind hops from writing mode to “have a break” mode.

After you’ve responded, you often find yourself sitting clueless; needless to say it takes you a good 10 – 15 minutes to get back in the groove.

What To Do?

Even keeping the phone on silent mode is not going to help because that will make you look at the phone every so often. Ideally, you should be activating the silent mode and putting the phone away at the same time. Also make it a habit to ignore text messages while blogging, hardly any of these texts require urgent response (and if someone is using text messages to send important information, let them know that they should be calling in these cases).

2. Messengers/Chat Clients

Because we are often doing the writing/blogging on our computers, and because we are logged onto the internet for searching, we often try to keep ourselves ‘available’ for our friends, family members, clients, or peers, by logging in to some messenger client. There’s nothing wrong with being online but it can be a big time waster, if you’ve got a lot of contacts, and you are trying to be gracious by reaching out to say ‘hi’ to each and every one.

What To Do?

This is something you’ve got to avoid while blogging, you might think changing your status as ‘away’ or ‘busy’, or even appearing offline can help, but that’s not the case, besides what’s the point in being online when you are busy and changing your status to appear offline. It’s better if you can give your “availability” a break and focus on writing.

3. Facebook or Other Social Networks:

Quite the same sort of distraction as the messenger or chat client, with a bit more variety, only relief is that you don’t get an alert every time a contact comes online. These networks have all the ingredients to keep you hooked for a long times that can be better utilized in blogging. Social networking has its fair share of advantages, and it doesn’t hurt much to stay in the loop, with your friends and family members, but again, you can’t focus on the writing, and the quality suffers.

What To Do?

While the cell phones and messengers (to some extent) are kind of necessary evils, social networking is not even a de rigueur. The best part about getting rid of all these distractions is that you will be able to jot down a post sooner than ever, and then, you will be having plenty of time (and the peace of mind) later on, to go on a networking spree.

4. Television & Radio

Because you are mostly blogging from home, it means that you will possibly be having a television with a plethora of channels to choose from. If you’re trying to write with your television turned on, you are certainly wasting your time and lots of energy, because your eyes, ears, and minds are all busy doing their own stuff, and after some time you will be having more headache than the text you’ve jotted down.

What To Do?

Turn off the TV and don’t keep the remote anywhere near you, spending some moments without this Idiot Box spewing out many different forms of idiocy is something you’d surprisingly find yourself enjoying.

TV is not an Idiot Box anymore 😉 – Sushant

5. Procrastinating

The reason I’ve kept this one at the end of this list, is because I want you to take at least this point home.

Television, cell phones, or social networks are great distractions but nothing’s as big a time waster as procrastinating, in other cases you are at least getting some sort of amusement, but procrastinating is a pure time waster. In fact it is sometimes regarded as a psychological disorder, doesn’t mean you should start worrying about having a psychological disorder (letting all those worries come and nag you is another form of distraction). There are different reasons, some physical, some psychological, and at times, your inner critique can also keep you from starting to write.

What To Do?

Don’t let your mind go off the rails, easier said than done? I know, but you’ve got to put your feet down and start writing. If you are an habitual procrastinator then your mind will do a lot of thrashing about, but it will settle down soon.


It’s time to wind-up this post. I am sure you have learned something out of this post regarding how you can deal with various distractions around you while you are blogging/writing.

Make sure to tell us which distraction above negatively affects your blogging the most. And if you have any solution for some other common distraction that people often face while blogging like children’s, mom/dad, girlfriend/boyfriend, watermelons 😀 etc. then simply use the comment form below to let us know that. I am waiting to read your comments.

At the end, do have a look at this comic: 😀

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Francis December 16, 2011 at 3:33 pm

Though this article was posted in April, I found this post very true. I taught I’m just the one who experiences these distractions, not one, but all of them. What I want to learn is how to avoid them, and I found it here. I’ll do my best to avoid these distractions. Thanks Natasha.

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