Winners For Google AdWords Vouchers Giveaway Are…

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It’s time to finally reveal, the lucky winners for our Google AdWords Voucher Giveaway that was organized in April with the help of AdCouponCode.

Honestly, this giveaway was little COLD in terms of participation. I mean, not many people these days are looking interested to try Google AdWords. And many of us know why…SLAP!

This giveaway received decent amount of Likes (around 44), but unfortunately many people who liked it, forgot at the end to tweet my tracking message that was hidden inside the box (I even added a note below the box…)

Surprisingly, in last one week, even after ending our facebook coupons giveaway, there were more people sending me emails about the Facebook giveaway than the Google AdWords giveaway.

One more SURPRISING thing is that when we ended the facebook coupon giveaway, I wrote in that post that around 91 people LIKED it. BUT, now when I see it again, the figures are shocking! That page is having 159 LIKES at the time of writing. Go look yourself here quickly.

That’s completely shocking that even after I have ended that giveaway plus have added updates at the top and end of the post stating that the giveaway is OVER; still people are hungry to get one coupon code and are liking the page without noticing anything. That’s just make me crazy!

Considering that, I would like to announce here that we will possibly be bringing Facebook coupons giveaway BACK. And this time there will be 3X more coupons. HURRAY!!!?… anyone?… 😀

OK, back on the main thing. Who are the 10 SUPER EXTREME LUCKY winners for AdWords vouchers giveaway…Should I tell you?..NO!?

ok, it’s your wish. I will tell you the winners after one month. BYE!





And the winners are 😀 –

Come On IMAGE, Load; Load; Load; Load; Load; Load!! HEY YOU! Cheer Up…

In case you have won, then a BIG CONGRATS! A $80 Google AdWords voucher will be on delivered to you soon. Keep checking your emails and twitter DM’s. In case I don’t get your email in any way, I will get in touch with you through twitter.

So stay tuned, we are going to have fun again with Facebook coupons giveaway as I said above.


PS. Did you see my new squeeze page? It’s now powered with Facebook. Have a look at my Blogging Profit Formula squeeze page.


UPDATE: Vouchers have been delivered. If you haven’t received it then please contact me asap.

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Shane May 12, 2011 at 12:17 am

Congrats to the winners, maybe next time I’ll join in on it and see if I can win.

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