WPSubscribers Review : WordPress Plugin To Boost UP Subscription

by Sushant Risodkar · 37 comments

One of the BIGGEST mistake I’ve made in my online business is not building the list from day 1. I started out building a subscribers list hardly a year back which I think did caused a substantial amount of loss of subscribers to me. If I would have started building list from Day 1, I suppose my subscribers list could have been near 5 figures which now, is just sitting in the early 4 figures. :/

I regret about this but from past few months, I am seriously spending time to increase my subscribers list and at the same time build a quality list which will give me a better open rate. For this I’m spending great amount of money in plugins, apps, traffic etc.

But recently I got something for FREE. A thing that magically tries to explode those subscription numbers. That thing is a premium wordpress plugin named : WPSubscribers.

First of all thanks to Jenni who developed this awesome piece of wordpress plugin. She gave me a license for free so that I can try out the plugin she developed and see how it works out. So let’s start this wpsubscribers review…

What Is WPSubscribers? – In My Opinion

What Jenni has done with wpsubscribers wordpress plugin that she has combined the features of various other premium plugins into one single piece of plugin and added extra features to it from her own thinking which are not available in some of those other wordpress opt-in plugins.

That’s a very nice business thought and its great for those who are buying it because they are getting an all-in-one solution for increasing their subscribers list.

Once you buy WPSubscribers plugin, you don’t have to waste money on any other premium wordpress optin plugin EVER. Period. With WPSubscribers, you will get a single solution for plugins/scripts like Popup Domination, Ultimate Footer Ad, ViralInviter, ExitPopup, Standout Comments, Optin App and a LOT MORE. So you will save a lot of money just by buying one single solution: WP Subscribers.

Installation & Usage – How It Was?

Well you already know how easy it is to install a wordpress plugin. The same it was with WPSubscribers. Just install, activate and get your license verified.

BUT, I won’t say the usage is DAMN too easy. It isn’t that too easy on the first run. So extreme newbies and those who get lost when it comes to a little technical things will hold their head for some time but the plugin is designed in such a way that you will soon get out of this and will say: Hey! That was simple…

Even if you face problem, don’t forget that you have customer support and access to tutorials that Jenni keeps on writing for the customers which could help solve your problem plus add something new to your opt-in forms.

WP Subscribers Review – Things I Noticed In The Test Run

It was time to test it on the field and see what it has got for people. So I turned on the plugin, configured it a bit and tested it for 10 minutes on this blog. Here’s my experience:

1. Quick Optin Code Detector
The very first thing you have to do after installing wpsubscribers wordpress plugin is that you simply have to paste your optin code from your autoresponder into a neat space inside plugin. Then the plugin will do its magic and will detect the name, email and other important fields. It supports almost every autoresponder out there even the Google’s Feedburner.

An awesome thing with this is that you can create as many optin forms you want if you have various offers for your blog readers.

2. Target Readers With Various Optin Methods
Now this is the most important part of wpsubscribers plugin. With WPSubscribers, you can select and target readers with various methods plus you can also choose which optin code you would like to appear at that place and PLUS! you can do split testing with the forms and select whether you want them to appear on front page, posts, pages (you can select even the pages of your choice), search results, categories…Pheww…

With wp subscribers, you can target people on various parts of your blog that certainly attracts user attention and gets him/her subscribed to your list. You can target them with:

  • Opt-in Popup – You can create opt-in popup with lightbox effect which will appear when a user lands on your blog. There are 11 ready-made templates for you each with 8 color schemes. So you have a total of 88 choices to choose from…If those templates doesn’t excite you then you can create your own custom popup template.
  • Post Opt-in Form – You can insert a nice looking opt-in form in your content. A optin form that will appear at the end of your post will certainly pull-in some subscribers. There are many custom styling options you can choose, insert your own custom CSS and choose the place for your form on the blog (top or bottom).
  • Footer Opt-in – Next is the footer optin form which appears as the user scrolls your blog. It sits there at the bottom of the browser telling the reader to subscribe to your list by showing your lucrative offer. You can customize it in the same way like post opt-in form and choose whether you want to make it seem normally or in a slide mode.
  • Header Opt-in – You must be aware of the popular header bar plugin? Well, Jenni has done something with it. Now you can show your subscription form right there in the header just like the header bar appears. You can style the colors similarly like above two opt-in forms. You can also select whether your header opt-in should appear on a fixed place like a rock or it should slide down with user. I really liked this thing.
  • Exit Popup – The exit popup was discovered basically considering that when a popup appears in front of the user when closing the browser, MAJORITY will click the cancel button without reading what the popup says thus leading to your offer. But these modern days browser has gone smart. Now in Firefox 4 just like Google Chrome, you don’t see an Ok” and “Cancel” button on the exit popup. Instead you see, “Leave Page” and “Stay On Page” options. Its your decision whether to use this method or not. Still many use an older version of Firefox, so you can give it a try.A great feature here is that you can style this exit popup with HTML like with an image or video saying “WAIT” or anything you want in place of it to stop that user.
  • Facebook Opt-in – You see this already here…Yes, on SmartBloggerz! But I am using an another Facebook app (Optin App) for this but the functionality are same of both.  With just Facebook account, people can now subscribe to your list. All this is done with an approved Facebook app that legally asks the user whether they can send an email to their email ID with which they registered on Facebook or not. The Result? Better open rate…CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW FACEBOOK OPTIN WORKS AND SUBSCRIBE TO SMARTBLOGGERZ.
  • Referral Opt-in – Now this is something killer and that has the possibility to EXPLODE your list size. WPSubscribers plugin can grow your list virally! Wanna know How? By giving your subscribers referral points, thus encouraging them to have others sign up for your list, too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A visitor subscribes to your email list through your WPSubscribers opt-in form.
  2. They will receive an email about your referral program, and be given a referral link. They then share that referral link with their friends.
  3. Their friends sign up, they get referral points that they can turn in for discounts, coupons, or other goodies — whatever you like — And your list grows like weeds!

This is something really great though you will have to think a little differently here and choose your freebies properly so that an already subscribed person will fall for your second offer and will consider referring people to your offer.

  • Opt-in Comment – You probably know this. Whenever someone will comment on your blog post, the person will receive your email subscription offer. So if your blog gets a great amount of comments from NEW people then this could certainly help you increase subscribers.
  • Opt-in On Registration – This will put an option on your user registration page which will make the user also subscribe to your list if the box is checked. If you own a blog that needs a user registration or have a concept which gives registered users something then this tiny thing will help you build a strong list.
  • Opt-in On Hidden Content – Now you can also hide one of your top-secret post from normal people and make it only visible if they subscribe to your list. The content will get unlocked once they subscribe.

You can customize further settings of few of these opt-in method like after what time the form will appear, how many times will it be served to a particular user, until how many pageviews etc.

That’s how brilliantly you can try to get a subscriber on your list. You can add the opt-in form basically everywhere, even in sidebar if you want to.

3. Analytics
This is a really great feature. The inbuilt analytics system helps you track the performance of your opt-in forms. Each opt-in method has its separate opt-in analysis tab so you don’t get confused.

As you can see, with in-built analytics you can track, the number of impressions for a particular opt-in form and number of times people hit that “subscribe/submit” button. Then you can easily calculate your conversion rate and do further optimization if needed. Seriously, a great feature.

Final Words and Pricing

From the first test run,

WPSubscribers in my opinion is SUPERB and MIND BLOWING. The amount of features it offers at such a low price will seriously blow YOU and YOUR subscription rate far away. This is a must-have plugin for serious list builders.

You don’t just get that plugin to download but you get access to an awesome resource of tutorials made for WPSubscribers users and continuous updates on the plugin with new features plus the support from plugin developer for any of your quires. This plugin was actually launched on WarriorForum and has received RAVING reviews. She just released this today for every promoter out there.

If you are ready to get your hands on WPSubscribers wordpress plugin to increase your list size then you should not really wait anymore…


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Jane@Blogging Tips May 23, 2011 at 1:35 pm

I have just started using this plugin a couple of days ago and it is amazing. It has many cool features more than Popup dom and MBP subscribers magnet, yet at a lesser price.


Deepanshu@IIT JEE 2011 Result May 25, 2011 at 11:27 am

well seems a nice plugin.i was looking to build email list for newsletter .this sems to be a nice bet 😉 its time i get rid of feedburner 🙄

Suzy Weiss@Divorced Women Dating After 40 May 25, 2011 at 9:19 pm

Hey Typhoon,

You seem like a smart guy and a straight shooter.

I need your opinion.

Couldn’t resist commenting here, hope you don’t mind.

Typhoon, I’m actually hoping that you can help me with my Popup Domination problem.

I did buy Popup Domination a couple of month’s ago so I didn’t get the discount.

I’m not going to cry about that.

But I do have a beef with them and am NOT a SATISFIED customer.

Here is my issue:

I have a wordpress blog with a Thesis Theme in a dating niche.

Like you I value my visitors and want to build a positive relationship with them.

My problem is that my Popup Domination has ‘gone rogue’ (to quote Sarah Palin).

It literately has a mind of it’s own.

Here are my settings:
When the close button is clicked, how long should it be before the lightbox is shown again?
7 days (recommended 7 days)

*** This is THE PROBLEM ***
This pop up shows up EVERY TIME you visit my site.

I can’t get it to show only every 7 days. It shows everytime I visit my site.
(It’s kinda like the accelerator problem that Toyota had a few years ago… I can’t get it to stop)

I have a 20 second delay before the lightbox is shown
I’ve read and watch all the tutorials.
I’ve gone online to see if I could get the answer.
I’ve gone on to the user forum for information.
I’ve sent their ‘support’ desk and email over 5 days ago for help and there has been no reply.

Here is my dilemma:

I want what Popup Domination promises.

I see other people that I respect and trust using it successfully
(Ryan Lee, Yaro Starak, James Schramko, Gideon Shalwick, Yanik Silver)

I can’t get it to work properly. I can’t get ‘support desk’ to respond. I’m frustrated but open to suggestions. What would you do if you were me? Please check out my site, maybe it’s obvious that I’m doing something wrong. Thanks for listening to my rant (I got carried away)

Suzy Weiss

Sushant Risodkar May 25, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Seriously, you should have brought WPSubscribers. It’s the same price with more features…

Regarding your case with PopUp Domination, I don’t see it happening on my PC. You popup just appeared once. MAYBE* your browser/PC is not storing the cookies.

The support desk haven’t responded to you yet probably* because Michael Dunlop is on vacation or something from some days.

If you don’t like a product that your purchased through clickbank, you always have money back guarantee to avail. So if you are not satisfied anything, go use your rights if you think you are getting fair thing.

Once again, do try WPSubscribers, you get a money back guarantee on it. If you don’t like (which I think you would never ever feel) then simply ask jenni for the conclusion. But I am sure you will like WPSubscribers if your try it…

Hope that helps. 🙂

Suzy Weiss May 25, 2011 at 11:33 pm


Thanks for the reply.

I’ll check into the cookies suggestion.

If that doesn’t solve the problem maybe I’ll check out WPSubscribers on the surface it sounds like a good product.

Suzy Weiss

Felicia @ No Deposit Poker May 26, 2011 at 10:03 am

Hi Sushant,
WPsubscribers plugin sure looks tempting! All those features you mentioned in just one plugin? I will be checking it out. Too bad I thought at first it was for free for everyone. 🙂

hursh May 27, 2011 at 2:56 pm

This is the first time i am hearing about this plugin.Thanks for sharing it

Robert June 4, 2011 at 5:08 pm

That’s good…yeah, this plug-in hopefully will do the trick and get things really rolling….

Jawed@email marketing September 22, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Hey Sushant, Very nice review of this great email marketing plugin.I was looking for someone’s personal opinion on this plugin and landed on your review via Google. It was nice reading your in-depth review of this plugin. I loved the Facebook part of this plugin most. I am gonna use this on my blog and see how things go on. Will write my feedback about this after using it for some time.

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