Blogging: Rise Above The Garbage Heap

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Blogging is viewed as one of the simplest activities to do on the web. Anyone can blog. Blogs are free to make; there are plenty of free hosting sites where many bloggers go to start writing. Yes anyone can blog, however not everyone should.

There are many blogs out there that are just hard to read. The content, itself, isn’t physically appealing. The structure doesn’t conform to any known writing structure and often the spelling is atrocious. This isn’t typical of all blogs, but you have to wade through a lot of garbage before you find any gems.

If you want to avoid your blog becoming internet garbage, there are a couple of ways to improve it to make it more legitimate.

Work On Your Writing!

This sounds easy, but this should take the majority of your time. There are a lot of things to do to create a legitimate blog.

  1. Pick a topic. Most good blogs focus on one topic instead of branching out and writing a post about everything. For instance, education is a good blog topic. The field is changing. A lot of classes are utilizing online tools, including elementary schools. Not only that, but many bloggers have varied opinions about where education should go and how it should get there.
  2. Always, ALWAYS, reread for spelling and grammar errors. Many blogs don’t do this and the result is making them and their blogs look uneducated. A blogger needs to take responsibility for what they write and how they present it to their readership. If their sentences are jumbled and missing a couple of key words—verbs and nouns are two amazing examples.
  3. Think for a minute about the presentation of your work. Huge paragraphs intimidate the eyes. Whenever possible, keep your paragraphs small. It helps readers get comfortable with your work and often they will come back if you obey this one rule. However, keep in mind all three tips to improve your writing style.

Guest Blog

Guest Blogging is a great way to promote your blog and create legitimacy. As you guest post (if you do a good job of it) many of the readers from the other blog will visit your blog.

Try to guest post on blogs similar to your own topic. By doing this you are marketing yourself as an expert and this will add greatly to your legitimacy. If your blog is an education blog, guest post on an online degree blog or any other educational blog; not on a technology blog.

However, if you can incorporate your own topic into their topic, you maybe able keep the legitimacy of your blog intact.

Get Included On A Blogroll

As you continue your blogging career, you may want to create a blogroll. A blogroll is a list of blogs that relate to your own. You’ll want to contact the blog owners first to get their permission, but if you posted on their blog before, they will more than likely be willing to join your blogroll and add you to theirs.

This will be a powerful asset to your blog because if they are a well-established blog, adding you to their blogroll will help significantly.

Submitting Your Blog To A Directory

There are many directories out there for bloggers and they are split by topics. Just place your blog, whatever topic, into the right directory. Many users use these directories to find new blogs to read and inclusion in the directory will help a lot in enticing others to stop by and read.

Start A RSS Feed

This is incredibly important. Often readers will want to subscribe to your blog so they know when you update. With an RSS feed they will be able to keep track of your blog.

There are a lot of blogs out there but not all blogs are created equal. Many are thrown onto internet heap as garbage, but there are a lot in the pile that should be recognized. If you follow these tips, it will at least help you rise to the top of the pile.

About Jesse Langley

Jesse Langley lives near Chicago with his family. He writes about technology, blogging, and the job search on behalf of Colorado Technical University. He also writes for TechNected.

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Cher Shives July 13, 2011 at 9:32 pm

I agree that there are blogs that are very hard to understand..They have to work on thweir writing…

Debra Saad July 14, 2011 at 8:48 pm

We always have to review what we write before posting it as a blog…

Jean July 15, 2011 at 7:40 am

The hardest part of it all in my opinion is being consistent. Those who manage to consistently deliver the content will be successful in the long run. Its easy to do something for a short period of time, but the long run is what always determines the haves from the have nots in the blogging world in my opinion.


Jym @ Blog Marketing July 15, 2011 at 5:11 pm


Love the way you laid this out so simply Jessica.

It’s not actually that hard to set yourself apart from the ‘herd’ but it does require a bit of dedication, effort and passion to produce a quality blog.

I totally support your tip about improving writing skills… Getting some ideas about even basic copywriting will stand you head and shoulders above many other blogs.

Another tip I’d add is doing some Soul searching to find your Unique Selling Point. What can you offer the blogosphere that no one else can?

Anurag July 25, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Well, i have written a blog my self and i don’t think its that bad and i followed your every step i mean i think i did….now how to make it popular…i need something more than you have written in this blog because i am new to this world and i know very little about these things so please help me out here…:)

Tony @ HunterVids July 28, 2011 at 5:49 pm

One thing you hit on that a lot of people overlook is the RSS feed. If you are posting content daily, a RSS feed is very helpful to get your ideas out to your audience.

Michelle Sterling November 9, 2011 at 8:30 am

The bottom line to any good blog is the content. Usually it’s not about the topic or the niche, but how the article was written. A well-written article or post should be able to gather interest from people who initially were not interested about the topic. This is what good writing is all about.

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