Guest Blogging Gone Crazy II Contest – Coming Soon – Are YOU Ready?

by Sushant Risodkar · 21 comments

That day is very close when I will begin the Guest Blogging Gone Crazy Contest – Season II on SmartBloggerz.

This is going to happen very soon, most probably in the first week of August and it will continue till the mid or end of the September month.

I want you to prepare for this guest blogging contest starting from today if you want to WIN HARD CASH! That’s right…

This time there is only going to be cash prizes in the contest. Right now I am thinking* to begin the contest alone without the support of sponsors but this could change also. Although if you wish to sponsor in this contest then you can contact me using the form. You need to sponsor a minimum of $75 (silver sponsor) or a maximum of $150 (gold sponsor) for this contest.

As a Silver sponsor you get all the promotion whether it is anchor text backlink, your logo, traffic and more but only from this blog; inside the contest post.

AND as a Gold sponsor, you not only get the benefits of a silver sponsor but you get something extra which includes promoting your site on twitter, facebook fan page; you get backlinks from the blogs owned by participants and a lot more! This is a great marketing opportunity at such a low-cost if you think carefully…!

For this contest, I have finally decided that I am going to sponsor a total of $750 as a cash prize. So if you are ready to sponsor then just hit me up with an email so that the cash prize can be pushed UP!

Before ending this post, I want to unveil the promotional image for this guest blogging contest. Hope you will like it:

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