How to Build Credibility Through Content Marketing

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There she sits at her computer wondering why there’s been no sales in the last week. She checks her statistics. Sure enough! The traffic flow has increased. She’s been getting more visitors to her site, but why aren’t any of those visitors buying? She shrugs her shoulders and sighs…

“I guess it’s just impossible to earn a decent income online.”

If you’ve experienced this frustration yourself, you’re not alone. As we read many blogs, ebooks and reports on how to generate traffic, we’re often left clueless on how to convert those visitors into real sales. In the online business world it’s necessary to build trust. Our visitors cannot see us there behind our computers.

When they visit our site, they wonder, “Is this an honest site, or is there another scam artist behind the scenes?

This is where content marketing must do its duty well. We need to take our visitors by the hand and lead them along by using our communication wisely to build credibility. The purpose of the content we share online should show that we have the product or service that can indeed be of true value to them.

People do buy from those they like and trust; however, they will NOT pull out their wallet unless they’re convinced that what you offer can really help them.

Here’s some tips to help you build credibility through content marketing…

Share Content That Displays Your Knowledge

This should be the best content that you can offer. Share articles on your blog or site that will helphow to build credibility through content marketing you establish yourself as an expert in your field. If you’re selling some type of information product, you certainly don’t want to give away all your information for free, but you do want to share enough information that will convince them that you are knowledgeable in your niche.

At the grocery store, they tempt you with bits of samples…enough to convince you that it does taste really good. Often times, they tempt you further to take action by usually offering a coupon. In selling information online, you can give them a sample of your e-book, such as the first chapter or a free report that shares some information related to your topic. However you decide to offer your sample content, it must be worthy of your reader’s time and should convince them that your content will be reliable enough to meet their needs.

Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills

Online, your written words do all the speaking (gestures of emotions, enthusiasm, earnestness) . Your visitors cannot see your body language or see the enthusiasm on your face. They do not have the luxury of sitting down to chat with you to decide if you’re trustworthy or knowledgeable in your niche. Your words must be carefully chosen to draw attention and keep their interest.

People are in a hurry and there are thousands of sites competing for the attention of internet users. By sharpening your copywriting skills you’ll learn how to gain quick ground on catching your visitor’s interest and communicating with your readers while building their trust at the same time.

Set Up An Autoresponder Or Newsletter

Most people will not buy from you immediately. By often staying in contact with your subscribers who are interested in your products or services, you allow them more time to get to know you and discover more about what you have to offer.

Let your personality shine through when you write your autoresponder messages or your newsletter content. Share small bits with your readers about your interests and what’s going on in your life. This need not be overly personal, nor should be it in great length of detail. Share just enough to allow them to see you’re a real human being behind the computer so that they begin to feel as if they know you.

Share Quick Tips And Ideas On Social Networks

Social marketing has become very popular, but don’t disappoint those who connect with you by constantly spamming them with advertising. Just as you would with your written communications through email marketing, be genuine and reflect a caring spirit. Above all share helpful tips and ideas or resources that are related to your niche. You’ll continue to establish yourself as an expert in your niche by being consistent in helping your community.

Stick To Principles To Build Trust

Staying consistent and sticking to your principles helps to build the trust with all your readers and subscribers. If one time you’re saying one thing and another time you’re saying something else, you’ll appear unstable. We all change our views from time to time. Sometimes we must even change our former rules or guidelines. When these circumstances arise, let your readers know why you have changed your view on a certain matter. But above all, stick to your principles and be honest in all way of your dealings whether in private communications or in public discussions.

Show Them A Glimpse Of The Real You

Who would you rather buy from, a friend or a stranger? We all prefer buying from those we feel that we personally know and trust. Let your readers see the real side of you. You don’t have to get too personal, but don’t try to act as if you’re perfect. You’ll come across as a fake and people will not feel that they can relate with you.

As you communicate with your readers, share some of your interests. Don’t be afraid to share some of your good attributes as well as your personal flaws. None of us are perfect…and most of us have typical quirks or pet peeves. Also, share some personal stories that might relate with the content that you’re writing.

Season Your Speech With Grace

No matter how big you get in your field, always keep humility and be careful of the things you say. Sometimes you’ll have an obnoxious comment on your blog. Responding with rude comments can cause others to lose their trust or confidence that you truly “care” about your customers.

Of course, we don’t want to let others walk all over us, but it doesn’t give us the right to be careless with our speech when responding to conflicting emails or comments. Sometimes different opinions can spark a huge discussion or open up more ideas for future topics.

Share Testimonials From Your Customers

Sharing testimonials from your previous customers is content that is very powerful in building the trust and credibility of your visitors. Testimonials often share personal results of using your products or services. People also share struggles that they faced before using your products and services which is something that your visitors can easily relate with in their own situations.

Whether you’re creating blog posts, newsletters, articles, guests posts, etc., you can have a strong impact on your audience with the type of content you offer. Write your content by speaking directly toward your targeted audience, and always keep in mind that the words you use will be taken strongly into account from your readers who cannot see you or sit down to chat with you. Your words are what they see instead of your face.

Create the right content and you’ll be well on your way to creating the credibility that will have a powerful effect on your online business.

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Michelle Sterling October 24, 2011 at 4:47 am

Traffic and trust is two entirely different things. Just because one has traffic doesn’t always necessarily mean they are being trusted. Gaining the trust of the readers is the only way one can generate income from some of the traffic being generated. No one would ever want to buy anything from a blogger who they deem not credible, enough to purchase something from.

Noel Addison November 7, 2011 at 11:35 am

You have shared some great tips here. Credibility is a big factor in internet marketing. Scammers are everywhere in the internet that’s why people these days are very cautious to whom they are making business with.

Narendran N February 27, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Amazing post! You should also add : Stick to your niche! A person specializing in a particular field is seen as an expert than someone blogging on multiple niches! So use of pen-names can support this!

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