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Getting traffic to any blog is one of the easiest things, all it takes – hard work and patience. Many bloggers build a beautiful website, write lots of high quality content on it but just can’t get traffic to it.

I’ve been blogging from almost 2 years now and as a blogger, traffic is an essential ingredient to your success, it is what can makes your blog successful.

In this post, I’m going to share all the techniques/tactics that I used to get traffic for my blog in my blogging career…

Traffic Generation

Blog Commenting

This is most common traffic generation technique and many of you already know about it. Take the time to leave a useful comment often enough, don’t just write “great post” or “thanks”. Now days almost every blog have commentLuv enabled, so don’t self-promote when leaving comments. Also, don’t stay on one blog, visit new blogs once in a while.

Guest Posting

It was recently that I started focusing guest posting more on, and I think it is a great way to get traffic, backlinks, building relationship with other bloggers and ultimately find new opportunities.

A great example of what guest blogging can do for you, is – Onibalusi Bamidele. He didn’t focus on all traffic generation tactics but only one – guest blogging. Oni took his blog from zero to a well-known blog now, with the help of guest posting.


Most of the bloggers have forgotten this traffic generation tactic but it is most effective method to get quality traffic and you can even build high quality backlinks. It is also one of the easiest way to get traffic. The reason it is easy is because forum guidelines are usually not that strict and it takes few minutes to post a reply or start a new thread.

Some of my  favorite forums are – DigitalPoint & WarriorForum.

Social Media Sites

These days, who don’t use social media sites? It is not the easiest way to get traffic but the smartest way. You can drive thousands of visitors, leads by using social media sites. Social Media sites are built for genuine people who want to talk as humans and make connections with other bloggers.

  • Twitter  – One of the best ways to succeed on social media sites like Twitter is to get really involved. Don’t spam people with direct messages or squeeze page links. Try to share useful quality posts, quotes and relevant tweets.
  • Facebook – Who don’t use Facebook these days. Almost every single person have an account there and some of them even have thousands of friends (I have 1000+ friends on FB). Facebook is sending me more than 200 visits every day. All I do is to share my post link on other Pages & groups and at the same time I try to connect with other members of those groups & pages.
  • Google+  – It is just a month old and have already got 20 million users. That’s freaking awesome for a site that is still in beta & invitation based. Though, I’m not much active on google plus.

Social Bookmarking sites

Social Bookmarking Sites

Those are normal bookmarking sites & have the power to send thousands of visitors on your blog instantly but to get traffic like that you need to get involved, comment & vote on other bookmarks.

  • Digg – A popular voting site, to get on front-page, focus more on submitting other (popular websites) content and vote on other people’s content.
  • StumbleUpon – One of the thing I don’t like about SU is bounce rate – it has very low bounce rate and the users don’t stay for more than 30 second but still it is an effective way to get traffic.

Social ‘Blogmarking’ sites For Bloggers

I have to admit that I’ve stolen this word “Blogmarketing” from Alex Whalley 😀 ! Anyway, this is not new and many people know about it as “Social Bookmarking” or “Social voting site”. These days, there are some sites that are especially targeted for bloggers, marketers & sem.

  • Blokube (disclaimer: I’m the owner of this site) – Designed to help you share and engage, Blokube is a site built by bloggers for bloggers. Blokube offers a place for bloggers to mastermind. To network. To exchange ideas and interact. Blokube is a community. You can learn more about Blokube here & how it works.
  • Bizsugar – A Business Social blogmarking site for small business owners, managers, entrepreneurs etc. It is created by none other than Anita compbell, who is also running SmallBizTrends.
  • BlogInteract –  It has great sets of features including CommentLuv, groups & something that you won’t see on any other site. Unlike other sites, it is not running on Pligg or Hotaru platform, it is running on WordPress CMS
  • Blogengage –  Brian is a dedicated member of Blokube and someone whom I love to support any way I can. Blogengage now charges onetime fee for registration.

Use Videos

Videos are another great way to drive hundreds of thousands of visitors.The quickest way to get started is with your blog. Read this article on how to turn articles into video in about 5 minutes.

YouTube is a great resource to get started with sharing videos, read more about it here.

Build Quality Backlinks

Building quality links is very effective way to get traffic through search engines, here I’m going to share some methods that I’ve used to build links:

  • Article Marketing Is Dead – Just a few weeks back, James shared a great post about how he feels that article marketing is dead and what you should do now to build quality backlinks.
  • Social Bookmarking/Blogmarking sites – are simplest & easiest way to build backlinks.
  • Hold A Contest  – Run a contest on your blog like Sushant Risodkar is doing here at SmartBloggerz.
  • Press Releases – It is widely use method to build quality links and drive tons of traffic. The most popular press releases website is
  • Create a Freebie – It can be a template, plugin, module, graphics, e-book or anything that you can give away for free to your blog readers. How about giving away few of your Best WordPress Themes for free ?


A site to get anything done in just 5 bucks, you can hire someone to do forum posting, social bookmarking submissions, Facebook likes, retweets & google+. There are so many things that you can get done in just $5.

Ending It…

I hope you enjoyed reading, if so you can help a friend read this post by sharing with love. So use the easy share buttons below to ReTweet, LIKE on Facebook, stumble it, etc.

Do you have anything to add? I would love to hear your suggestions on how to get traffic to your blog  in the below comments.

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jhone December 2, 2011 at 1:28 pm

Favorites of traffic methods Blog commenting and socia media, quest post ,bookmarking. You explaned all of them in details. But i wonder that is there any way to draw traffic automaticly. Because they are consuming lotf of time. Some people say that they can draw backlink using auto backlink system like onlywire and special sofware. I don’t know how can we do same.

Noel Addison December 11, 2011 at 3:06 pm

Using social media is a great technique for driving more traffic for your blog. But it takes effort and time for you to do that and establish a good name on the web. Great post!

Brian December 26, 2011 at 7:56 am

A great deal of information that I have found useful. Going to pick away one at a time and make my situation even better. Fine tuning will only increase my income. Thanx for the info.

Jesse February 25, 2012 at 12:31 am

Guest Blogging is one of the key features that I based my latest website about. Not only does it help us gain more content but it has kept our contibuters coming back because they have noticed an increase in the traffic to their sites. Its a Win-Win.

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