4 Important Qualities Of A Good Headline

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This is a guest post by Michael Chibuzor from CouponTriumph.com.

What qualities makes a good headline? This post will show you.

Headline is very important and can’t be neglected if you must succeed online. In the internet marketing world, your target prospects are not were you are, they can’t see you except you have your photo. But that does not make any difference because you can clone one (please don’t do that). Lol!

Headlines have soul, spirit and body and you should endeavor to master the lyrics behind a great one. If you do it well, you may as well write your own paycheck. The qualities you have is what makes up your intrinsic nature. It’s not how much deposited in the bank, your assets. No, it’s your worth in terms of good conduct, values and relationship with others.

In this interesting post, I want to share with you the 4 important qualities for writing a good headline. The idea here can be applied to your blog posts, email copies, sales copy, advertising campaigns, AdWords and banner advertising. If you want to make money with niche blogs, you need to write good titles.

Learn. Meditate. Implement.


1. Pique Their Self Interest

Everyone out there who is expected to read your headline and so, your content has a pressing question that needs answer. What’s in it for me is that emotional question and if you can answer it straight away, in an interesting manner, you have won their precious heart.

Don’t go about ranting about your favorite meal or how lovely your wedding was, or would be. Your prospect is a human being. They have blood running down their veins and knows how hard it is to get money – give them a reason to spend it.

2. Deliverability

No one is going to believe you until you deliver on what you’ve promised. But how do you deliver when someone has not even read and taken action? Simple, you can deliver by being “transparent.” Tell your reader or prospect what they will and will not derive by reading your copy.

There is no greater shame than promising something and when someone eventually takes action, disappointment sets in. Don’t let that happen you. It’s not a crime to have one solution, but it becomes a heavy crime when the single solution you have is worthless.

Promise on what you can do and do what you promise. That sounds like New York Times Quote. Isn’t it?

3. Attach Creative Curiosity

It’s not all curiosity that is going to work. The power of curiosity can only be made manifest when you understand the concept behind it. When you use curiosity, make sure they reader can weigh it.

When it sounds too good to be true, it means you’re giving the prospect a reason to doubt. On the long run, curiosity helps and you should incorporate it into your headlines. It’s going to get you more clicks, page views and reduce your bounce rate but make sure you deliver on what you promised.

4. Quick And Easy Concept

In whatever you’re doing, make sure you abide by these rules: Deliver your products in a quick and easy way.

We are living in a tech-age where everything is automated. You don’t have to struggle like your granny to raise a million dollar, unless you’re not skilled and knowledgeable. You can just press the button and Phew, you have the answers.

Make your headline quick and easy to understand. Showcase only a single solution about the topic in question on the headline and nothing more.

Don’t complicate the whole issue. For instance, if you’re writing a step by step tips to doing something, limit the number of tips to 7 or less. Anything greater than this sends a signal to the reader’s subconscious mind that it’s difficult to comprehend. Be quick, be simple and you’ll drive free traffic, sale more of your products and increase your email subscribers.

Marketing Takeaway:

The only word left now is ACTION. All these qualities would make no impact in your business and income until you step out of your shell. Let me know what you think as you share your comment. See you at the top!

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Good guide, I love writing little news here and there on my blog or on some of my favorite websites. This helps out a lot on how I am able to start attracting more viewers.

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