The Pros And Cons Of Anonymous Blog Authoring

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Blogging is a platform allowing you to express your opinions and ideas to the world through the web and has become hugely popular today.

As a blogger, you would certainly feel the need to be known to most in the social media to get traffic and visibility. But this is not the case with all the bloggers.

There are bloggers who choose to author their blogs under their pen names or even prefer anonymity, hiding their true identity.

Blogging so, would be known as ‘Anonymous Blogging’ in contrast to the traditional, conventional blogging.

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Anonymous Blogging

The Cons First…

Authoring a blog anonymously is increasingly catching up, maybe because of the subject of the blog (controversial blogs, I mean) or just for sheer fun or whatever the case maybe.

Hence anonymous authors have many reasons to hide themselves behind the confines of their blog from the online world.

Authoring anonymously though comes with its own benefits and flaws. It does not allow others (audience and readers) to invade the blogger’s privacy to a large extent. But, there is a catch.

  1. You always will have the threat of being caught or known to people someday, if not today or tomorrow. People can find you with many other resources available online through your IP address and track your whereabouts. So, remember that anonymous blogging cannot be under wraps for a long time. It will reveal itself one day or the other.
  2. Even though protecting your online identity is not a bad idea at all, it may affect the effectiveness of your blog. You may not be in a position to grab a strong audience, which will invariably affect the profitability of your blog.
  3. It might become a hard task for you to build trust among your audience. As you are always under a mask, even if you are selling something through your blog, you may not get the required number of people to buy. Trust becomes an important factor when you are online. People may not be ready to share their details with you as they are as well concerned about their privacy.
  4. All hell breaks loose when they find and easily track who you are as a real person. If you are running a controversial blog or the subject of the blog is too sensitive an issue, needless to say, your reputation is at risk. Anonymous blogging has a flip side to it too since you cannot blog your heart out against the law of enforcement.
  5. You also run the risk of getting your family in trouble. They may get upset by the posts you write on (For example, if the post contains vulgarity, uncensored topics, against law or something terribly upsetting about your personality)
  6. And yes, you definitely cannot make friends on the online platform. It may sound almost like an oxymoron, ‘being anonymous’ and a ‘friend’ at the same time.

Now The Pros…

Well, the other side of anonymous blogging is relatively fun as it provides you with high end privacy and the much ‘freedom of speech’. After all, blogging is all about expressing what you think and presenting your thoughts online.

Let’s see what you get out of authoring your blog anonymously…

  1. You get yourself away from many eyes. In other words, you are in a safer zone to venture into writing something you ‘prefer’ anonymously. Privacy is usually the utmost concern of most of the anonymous writers.
  2. Hiding your real identity from the online world may save you from a lot of problems in personal/professional life. This may help you to avoid unnecessary attention or painful cribbing at your work (if you are writing about your terrible workplace or on the boss). Since your online image always influences your personal life, it becomes important to maintain privacy.
  3. You can freely experiment with different topics, ideas and write on them on your blog.
  4. Some authors like the idea of remaining anonymous as it is alluring and thrilling to be under wraps. People who just prefer fun (as a hobby)and nothing else can happily remain anonymous.
  5. You can write about your interests (anything, for that matter) with total sincerity and honesty.

Winding Up

As said earlier, authoring a blog anonymously requires caution. Using a Proxy can help you in many ways. Some writers also anonymously promote blog content of their other sites/blogs on the blog too.

It has got two sides to it, however it goes on to show how you take it into your stride and ensure yourself of being an anonymous blog author.

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John November 5, 2011 at 3:20 pm

I think usually some bloggers don’t show their information as they might like to keep their personal life unaffected with their professional life. They might be feeling afraid that someone can misuse their information as risks increases with enhanced technology.

Frank November 11, 2011 at 1:59 pm

I don’t think a name is so important. As long as people have a good and topic-related comment, an anonymous commenter is sometimes better than a commenter with a name but meaningless comment.

Jake November 11, 2011 at 2:11 pm

In the internet, there is no such thing as true or real. People can choose a fake name to say true things, also, they can use their real names only to tell lies (for whatever purposes). So I think we shouldn’t waste our times considering whether we should choose to be an anonymous author or not, what we should think of is what to write and what to share to the viewers.

Mitch Mitchell November 13, 2011 at 1:08 am

In general I don’t like the concept of anonymous bloggers. I could understand it for certain topics, but as you said, eventually if someone’s willing to work hard enough they can discover almost anything online. This thing in Mexico where some bloggers have been hunted down & killed by cartels is an instance where being anonymous might help. But if someone’s hiding just so they can go after innocent people, nope, no way.

Noel Addison December 9, 2011 at 9:43 am

If you re blogging for marketing a website, product or service it is advisable that you use your real identity. Because it adds credibility to your blog and the information you are shared on the web. It is also important in strengthening your brand. On the flip side, keeping your anonymity in blogs could also be advantageous for you if you wish to keep your privacy while expressing your personal thoughts.

Matt March 28, 2012 at 6:09 am

For the person who sees no benefit in hiding behind pen names eben pagan made millions writing as david d-angelo and I am sure stepehn king has written books under other names – but that is mainly because he is so well known as Stephen king anything he writes that is not horror must be published under a pen name

Linda August 29, 2012 at 1:42 pm

Interesting article , i don’t think hiding real names are great mistake to be pointed out the thing is how royal are they in work , what does a name play in deciding their talent and behavior ?

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