The Best Advice for Home Office Success is More Simple than You Might Think

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Starting an Internet Marketing business, or any home-based business, can be intimidating.

Where do you start?

Perhaps you have already started one, but are feeling like you are in a rut.

How do you get out of it?

Whatever you do, don’t take that as a sign that you should give up on your dream. It’s normal to have these concerns.

What isn’t normal is to actually push forward and not give up. If you look at the statistics for home-based businesses, it’s not pretty, and will discourage most people. Why? Because most fail. However, that is because most people throw in the towel way too soon, sometimes due to lack of determination, or organization.

The good news is that if you are reading this, then you are probably already a step ahead of the norm and not going to get lost in the statistics. The bad news is that most people have ideas, but are at a loss in how to best implement them for optimum results. As long as you have decided to not give up, read on to get some tips on pushing forward.

Whether you are just at the beginning, or if you need to get out of a rut in the midst of your business adventure, the following information will help.

Home Office Success

Look Around Your Work Area

Sometimes the obvious needs to be repeated, and repeated as often as it takes to stay on course. Fortunately, I learned early on the first step is to have a good plan, and to get organized. And the two had to go hand in hand for any hope at success.

I decided to try my hand at Internet Marketing back in 1999, with a little uncertainty of how it would turn out. The lack of experience I had could have easily held me back, but it didn’t. I just knew that what I was doing with a traditional job at the office wasn’t working for my family. The future was fast approaching and I needed to secure it.

I had the help of a friend, and with that, I looked into an affiliate program. Next, it became obvious to me that Internet Marketing was an avenue I wanted to take. Even with a lack of experience and not much more knowledge, I knew before doing anything else I had to organize my atmosphere…otherwise known as my home office.

To eliminate unnecessary distractions, I realized that I could not work in the midst of the household, in hopes that my family would part the way for me. That was not fair to them, and it would not be helpful for my career. I needed an area specifically set aside for my office. So, I went on the hunt for a desk, and found a variety to choose from such as a corner desk, glass top computer desks, and various others. After getting the one I wanted home, I organized the work area the best I could to diminish distractions. That was the first step in taking my new career seriously.

So, take a look around where you plan to work, or are working. Is it in the middle of your family’s activities, shared with others, or portable? If so, you should consider finding another area. Professional results, typically require a professional atmosphere.

The Key is Organization

Organized Home OfficeNow is the time to find the right work space, before you start, or when you are trying to find new motivation. Finding a home office within your home isn’t always easy. You have barriers that are not typically an issue in a traditional office setting, such as space, or household traffic. However, you will find an area.

A small area is fine, but make sure you have a little leg room, as well as space for your equipment. Look all around and get creative. Think outside the box, or in the closets. I know someone who found his space in their guest room’s closet, because the items in there could be stored under the bed. He knew that the corner computer desks, which are often used in a home office, would not work for this. So, he found one that did.

The great part about having the office in the closet is that you can close the door to bring it back to a bedroom status, without disrupting your space. Other reasons it worked so well are:

  • The main door in the bedroom acted as another barrier for privacy, indicating to the household that he was working.
  • The space did not have to be shared, as it was out-of-the-way of other household members.
  • By not taking up an entire room, it didn’t take up very much real space of the family home. This also saved in the cost of transitioning into a home office

What I recommend doing next is to find various tools, equipment, and computer programs to make your everyday tasks easier. Google Docs and Skype can definitely help with tasks such as saving keywords, communicating with others, or even sharing data and work that needs to be shared with others. Do some searching, or ask the people you know for ideas. A good part of these tools are free, or have a free trial period. The main idea is to stay organized and work efficiently.

Spring Clean Throughout the Year

The downside to the many tools that are available is that the average computer gets bogged down with unnecessary programs, leading to a sluggish system. I take a couple of times a year (more often if needed), to check out all the programs on my computer.

Using Windows, it’s easy for me to see which programs are being used, or not being used. And, the ones which are not being used, I delete them. It frees up space on my computer, and gives it a ‘tune-up’ to add to the longevity of the system. You also might find a program you forgot about and could benefit from using. I do this with my overall area as well to keep it all organized, making it easier to work in.

An uncluttered atmosphere leads to more productivity. So, if you take the time in setting up a home office, and start a business, do yourself a favor and treat it with respect. It will respect you in return.

In other words, come up with a plan, organize a work space, and then stick to it. You will see the rewards of an organized and well planned out project much quicker.

If you have any comments, questions, or ideas, I would very much like to hear them. Please leave them in the comment box below.

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Mike February 8, 2012 at 11:57 pm

Like you already mentioned it’s very important to keep your office clean and with as less stuff as possible.
It reduces productivity if you have thing on your table that might take away your attention fro work.
Thanks for the tips!
P.S your blog was very slow at the time I accessed it, maybe it was only temporarily but I still recommend to check if everything is ok

Dan February 15, 2012 at 11:55 pm

I agree with the above post very much. My father has always worked form home and I am currently doing the same. I would also add discipline though as an important. I think working form home leaves you very open to procrastination if you aren’t careful!!

Martin February 16, 2012 at 12:31 am

All of these are very valid points, i think another VERY important point is that if you are working from home, you should have a separate work space which is dedicated purely to work and no social aspects. That was you can keep a separation between work and personal life.

I run a driving school from home and often used to find it difficult to switch off from work and relax… i have found this much simpler since using one of my spare rooms as a home office to i can close the door and just forget the work aspect of life.

Because i can now relax when not working i feel i perform much better when i am working on company advertising and other aspects of making the company work (suck as book keeping)

hope this advice helps others too!


Samuel March 5, 2012 at 7:35 am

Clean area is a great way. Being clean helps you put things in order and find them later on.

Let’s you know that there is some kind of willingness to succeed.

Sara March 21, 2012 at 2:17 am

Very inspiring article James! I totally agree with all your points. Finding a place even a little corner in your home and turn it into a home office is very important and I can ensure you from my personal experience that it’s worth it. Since I created my own home office in my room, I started to work more hours and of course more effectively. The change was obvious in my blog’s statistics! I also liked the part about checking once in a while all the programs in the computer. There is no need keeping programs you don’t use.
Thank you for sharing.

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