GeoEdge Review – Questions And Answers For People Who Want To Know How GeoEdge Will Benefit Their Business

by Sushant Risodkar · 9 comments

GeoEdge seems like an online marketers dream at first, but for someone who does not have the time to give it a proper look; it may look like just another piece of unnecessary software.

I have condensed all the questions online marketers have about GeoEdge into this review and I set out to find the answers.

What Exactly Is GeoEdge?

Geo EdgeGeoEdge is powerful software that allows you to view how well your (or any) website is performing in more than 100 different locations. They are the largest proxy network in the world. All you have to do is install the toolbar to your browser and you are ready to go. Multiple web browsers are supported such as;

  • Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome(beta)

Once you have installed it you can begin using it without further delay. A website owner or a SEO professional can easily use geo edge capabilities to see organic search results of any search engine for their keyword or how ads look like on any website.

GeoEdge also has an Analytics feature which lets publishers, advertisers and media buyers achieve their business goals greatly. This is done by making use of its global proxy network and then combining it with a powerful BI engine which helps to capture and analyze any ad on a website from anywhere in the world.


What Value Does GeoEdge Have For Online Marketers?

GeoEdge gives you the ability to research how well your website is performing in different geographic locations. With GeoEdge, you’re also able to see how geo targeted ads and content look on any website you visit. For example: If you are managing advertisement at and you are based in the US, and you want to see which ads are currently displayed in the UK (or any other country); you can do so by using Geo Edge easily in matter of just few clicks.

So, what’s the benefit of this? – Viewing websites in different geographic locations has many uses.

An “obvious” use is for online marketers who are doing research for the market that they’re targeting. Another use is for SEO companies or professionals running optimization campaigns for their clients or even for themselves. Also, many affiliate marketers who are using pay-per-click search engines can find out how their ad is performing, if it shows often for their keyword and what other sites are competing for that keyword. Marketers who are interested in creating a brand name for themselves in certain parts of the country will be able to monitor how successful their efforts are.

Actually, surfing websites locally has almost unlimited uses.

How Accurate Is GeoEdge Concerning Information It Returns?

I had a look at the toolbar and saw that it seemed pretty easy to use. It gives very specific and accurate results. When you enter a location you will be delivered to the correct Google page based on the location you choose. The toolbar is very well-organized, according to continents. You will not have a bunch of countries on a long list. All countries are grouped according to the continent they are in. You simply have to select one and then go from there.

If you are worried about how your website looks to other people on a mobile phone, then you can use the mobile emulation feature to see how it looks. My only concern is that it may not be accurate depending on what type of smart phone you have and what operating system you choose.

How Frequently Is GeoEdge Updated?

I checked to see if GeoEdge offers updates, and seeing as how their product is a browser add-on, they do. The reason updates are important is because some people have different versions of certain internet browsers. GeoEdge works well with most internet connections, particular the broadband connections and cable connections most people have.

How Good Is The Connection Speed of GeoEdge?

The connection speeds seem to be high quality. But one problem I observed what that depending on what location I was viewing my website from sometimes it might take longer to load. Slower load time can be caused for various reasons, such as servers located in different places.

Geo Edge Connection

Does GeoEdge have any special features?

There is a feature included with GeoEdge called Snap-It. It is able to create a condensed micro version of website pages and ads from different location around the country. You will be able to choose all the locations you want to view in this condensed format.  If you want to see how this feature works, you can visit the website and take a look at their demo page.

How Much Does GeoEdge Cost?

You can test GeoEdge, which is exactly what I did. There is a free version you can use that will let you look at 8 different locations. The problem is you will only be able to use these locations on the search engine rankings page. You will not be able to utilize it for an exact URL, but you will be able to see how you rank in a certain location.

There is a pro package you can try, which starts at about 59.00$ per month. You can view 3 locations and you would have a search limit capacity of 200mb.

The best deal I believe they offer is the package where you can customize it based on the location you are interested in viewing the most. The combinations you choose and the size of the markets will determine your price.  Before you do anything it might be a good idea to take advantage of their free trial option. If you feel it would not be a good investment for you then you can simply cancel it.

My Final Conclusion

I feel that GeoEdge does not have much value for someone who is not generating a decent amount of income from their online business. Someone who is doing respectable online will see this as an investment and they will certainly benefit from it. If you provide SEO services to local business and create location specific products then GeoEdge will also be a good tool for you.


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Maja February 17, 2012 at 9:38 am

Compatibility of GeoEdge with mobile is one of the great facility. It is good features for all business men that usually do online activities by using their smart phones.

Jeremy Ruggles February 19, 2012 at 1:52 pm

Hi Sushant,

Thanks for your honest review about Geoedge. I do not think at this point I will benefit from it, but I will be sure to keep it in mind in the future.



Bharat February 20, 2012 at 12:55 pm

In my view 59.00$ per month is a decent amount for those who want some perfect geo-based SEO. Nice review sushant 🙂

Alex February 21, 2012 at 2:28 am

With GeoEdge I surf the internet a lot. It helps me to analyze my competition reports and other Internet activities. Great tool!

Chris February 21, 2012 at 6:40 am

I have been looking for a tool like this for some time. I am wanting to help clients that are in locations I do not have access to, but there was not anything I have found so far that would allow me to test the results from my work. I had to reach out to the client to do this and that is not an optimal solution. Thanks for pointing this out.

Tessa February 21, 2012 at 4:52 pm

I think so GeoEdge particularly helpful when targeting local audience other than your own location. It is very worth to use.

Deepak Singh March 12, 2012 at 2:04 am

Nice Review of GeoEdge, Sushant. I have not tested this service yet but i think i should give a try to GeoEdge. It would be very useful for us when looking to target global audience.

jack March 13, 2012 at 9:11 am

I was also using an internet connection through a USB when I tested GeoEdge and it just worked fine (GeoSurf didn’t work well with a USB dongle btw.) As an aside, there are some other Firefox plugins (like Foursquarefox) that don’t work well with USB dongles so kudos to the creators of GeoEdge for that.

caitlin March 29, 2012 at 7:36 am

Nice input! I believed that GeoEdge is a big help for those who have business like with publishers, advertisers and media buyers to maintain and monitor there accounts in different geographic locations.

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