Picking And Choosing Guest Posting Opportunities

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This is a guest post by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a company that offers conversion services in psd to xhtml. Lior also consults for an international company that specializes in Targeted Cancer Therapies.

As almost any blogger knows, guest posting can be one of the most valuable tools for promoting your site and building your brand. It can help you reach new audiences, build valuable inbound links and expand your presence online.

However, guest blogging, if done right, takes a fair amount of time and not every guest blogging opportunity is created equal.

Though sites such as MyBlogGuest and Blogger LinkUp are filled with blogs waiting for your guest posts, this doesn’t mean you should jump on every potential opportunity. Instead, you should take your time to find guest posting opportunities that are right for you and can maximize the benefit you get for your time.

Here are a few of the factors to consider:

Guest Posting

Traffic Potential

The SEO benefit in a particular link will likely fluctuate over time. A PR 5 site can be downgraded to a 2 overnight, but a PR 1 can grow into 6 very quickly. Instead, it’s better to look at the potential traffic you can get from a link, in particular the latent traffic that will come daily from the link weeks, months even years after the post is live.

A steady stream of visitors from a guest post can and will mean far more than even a high-quality SEO link in the long run, especially as Google’s shifting landscape may wipe out any gains.

Check and see if the site has a good built-in audience and if that audience seems to be growing, holding steady or shrinking.

Quality of Content

Look at the other content on the site, how good is it? You would rather be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with great writers and thinkers than just another voice in a sea of garbage content.

Sharing screen real estate with respected bloggers and authors can greatly boost your brand, reputation and presence online. Appearing on a low-quality site may actually hurt you by making your inbound link appear spammy.


Would readers of that site likely be interested in yours? If not, then they aren’t likely to click and your link’s appearance on their site may not have much SEO benefit.

You need to make sure that your site is a good fit with theirs and that cooperation between the two of you makes sense. This means ensuring that your websites aren’t competing but that the audiences have similar interests so that readers might wish to follow both.

This also helps sets the stage for other cross-promotional activities and possibly working together in other ways in the future.

How They Treat Guest Bloggers

Finally, how does the site treat its other guest bloggers? Does it take the content and just post a tiny author box at the bottom or does it work tirelessly to promote and generate interest in guest blogger content?

A small or medium-sized site that pushes and promotes guest bloggers vigorously can be much more valuable than a large one that buries their posts and hides their attribution.

If the site treats its guest bloggers well, you will most likely find that the time spent writing the guest post is very worthwhile.

Winding Up

All in all, it’s important to remember that the end goal of any guest blogging effort is to get more well-targeted traffic for your site. While guest posting is definitely a win-win that helps both the host site and the guest, as the one doing the writing, you need to make sure your benefit is maximized.

However, that benefit comes from a variety of sources including direct traffic, SEO and brand awareness. It’s not as simple as finding the highest PageRank or the best-trafficked site you can write for.

It’s important to weigh all the factors carefully and decide which opportunities offer the greatest overall benefit, and not just trying to find the site with the biggest numbers.

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