Dominate Your Internet Marketing Goals and Achieve Your Desired Income Level

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The is a guest post by Patrick Meninga of  He recently sold his flagship website for $200,000 dollars.

When I was stuck in a full-time day job with seemingly no end in sight, I desperately wanted to create a full-time income online so that I could purchase my freedom.

I wanted nothing more than to check my daily online income and see $100 dollars or more, each and every day.

I wanted the ability to work on my online businesses at my leisure, without being forced to work every day in a job I did not enjoy.

I finally learned how other Internet marketers were achieving significant growth online, and I vowed to follow their example and create my own success.

In order to do that, I had to watch what they were doing and not what they were saying. Subtle difference there, but it represented a huge turning point in my thinking.

Internet Marketing Goals

Massive Action Rules The Day

So what did I learn by watching others who were succeeding online?

They were all taking massive action.

For example, one of my marketing mentors was creating massive income growth at the time, and he did it by adding one hundred articles to a website that was already earning money. Another Internet marketer was experiencing huge gains by putting up lots of new content and building links to all of it.

I started to realize that it was all just a big numbers game. Of course creating valuable content was important but the people who were bragging about big income were the ones who were working like mad.

And so I decided to do a little experiment with my website, which was just sputtering along at around $300/month in income at the time.

I added 40 new articles and threw fresh links at all of them over the course of about three weeks time.

A month or two later my income had doubled to $600/month.

And that was all it took for me. I was convinced in the power of massive action.

I could stop reading about how to make money online, and actually go DO IT instead.

The Key To High Volume Publishing

If your website shows profit potential and you see a trickle of income, do not hesitate or second guess yourself.

You know what you need: a bigger website.

If you are earning around one dollar per day and your website has thirty articles, why not publish a thousand articles and make a thousand dollars per month?

Achieving such publishing goals does not mean that you have to crank out 20 articles per day. Instead, the key is in setting a daily quota and then sticking to it without fail.

Imagine that you publish three articles each and every day–that is over a thousand in less than a year!

Some of the most successful Internet marketers I know even meet their quota before they check their email. They do not allow themselves to do anything online until their three articles have been published each day.

This is a disciplined approach that is not for the faint of heart. Cranking out three quality articles each day is not easy. Do it for over a year and you will almost surely reach your income goal.

If you want massive results, you have to take massive action.

Commit to putting in the work if you truly want to live the dream and purchase your freedom.

What To Do If Your Massive Plan Fails

This plan is foolproof and will work for anyone provided they take the following three things into account as well:

  • Profit potential.
  • Time – or the age of your website.
  • Link juice – or your website authority.

Profit potential is a function of two things:

  • The volume of people searching for your topic online.
  • The cost of the products and services associated with your topic.

So if your website is about “free jokes” then you will not make any money. A quick way to check profitability is to perform a Google search and see how many ads are showing. Some topics show several pages of advertisements while other searches show little or no ads. Choosing a website topic with a heavy amount of advertising insures that your topic has profit potential.

The time factor is important because the search engines put new websites “on probation” to combat web spam. What used to take a few weeks or months to rank for may now take over a year. Allow time for your site to age and recognize that most new content will not reach its natural peak in the search results for six months to a year.

Link juice is important if you want to rank a massive amount of quality content and earn money from it. If you add lots of content to your website and see no results for several months, then your website lacks authority. Switch to link building at this point and focus on getting high quality links through guest posting. Once your new content starts to rank you may shift back over to on-site publishing in order to increase income.

Avoid Distractions And Stick To The Plan

This is a fairly simple plan but you have to avoid distractions if you are going to produce high volumes of quality content.

If you are not earning approximately $1.00/per article/per month with your website then start focusing on getting strong links rather than new on-site content.

I averaged 3 new articles per day for a few short years and achieved a monthly income of over $2,000/month. Shortly after achieving this income level I was approached by a buyer who offered me $200,000 for my website.

None of those dollar figures would have been possible without the plan of massive action that I had implemented two years prior.

If you want awesome results then you need to make a strong commitment to take daily action. Publishing just three articles per day can easily result in full time income if you know what you are doing. Consistent effort is critical.

Any questions? Please ask me in the comments!

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David Sneen March 27, 2012 at 11:12 pm

Hi Patrick,

Your article convinces me that I must increase my output of posts from 2 to 3 a week. The one I will add will be a video post, as I no longer want to neglect the huge video market. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

Jason March 31, 2012 at 10:20 pm

its all about being consistent with your goals, make sure you stick to your hard schedule, keep working late into the night until all your goals are met.

Carla Easley April 20, 2012 at 3:03 am

I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years and struggled to figure out why other sites were bringing in a lot of revenue. Your post has really motivated me to take more action, write more articles, and commit to guest posting until my traffic increases. Thanks for your post

Nanm May 7, 2012 at 2:48 pm

When you have a internet marketing goal, you should not stop your work even if you get the desired result. You should continue your work to stay in the I- Marketing field.

Koundeenya June 25, 2012 at 8:17 am

I believe, for better income results, one has to put some good investment too. As you said, “We need bigger sites”, bigger sites can’t be built in a day or two unless you put some good investment in everything. Hiring a developer, premium plugins, themes, buying backlinks and all

Barry Jordan June 27, 2012 at 3:58 am

Making money on the internet is no easy feat. Most successful web entrepreneurs today did not become rich with just a single night. They exerted efforts and worked like mad to do all the things to be done in a day. They wasted no time to write quality content, build links, and connect with other people of the same field.

In addition, It is important to become disciplined. It will help a budding entrepreneur become patient. Always remember, quitters never win.

Adam C. August 10, 2012 at 11:40 pm

Persistence, discipline and faith. My biggest problem was over-studying. I would read book after book, email after email, but take little action. The solution was to become manager for myself. I sat down, wrote my financial goals. Then I developed a plan with which I knew I could achieve them. Next step was to put away all books and cds, unsubscribe from all newsletters and clean my desktop. After following a plan for a month I’ve made my first profit online and it’s been increasing since then.

Charles Beach August 30, 2012 at 8:02 pm

I guess the deal breaker with earning huge bucks in maintaining a blog these days is all because of what Google has done as far as search engine optimization is concerned. Before, most bloggers earn income through their blogs because of ads from e-commerce sites, then there are also the affiliate marketing efforts left and right. Now, those “costs for doing business” are slowly becoming factored out of the equation as the trend is slowly shifting towards social media–where it is practically costs free and the market reach is so much bigger.

Nawaz September 29, 2012 at 9:33 am

I agree that writing three quality article per day for your blog can give you smart reward but this action should be with frequency and consistency as all search engines like consistency and frequency. Soon your site will be part of organic searches and your subscribers will increase at exponential rate.

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