The Key to Becoming a Rockstar Blogger – Getting Accepted to Your Niches Inner Circle

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Who is it that decides who will be the most popular bloggers and who will be left banging their head against the keyboard?

You might think that it is the “people,” or you might even think that Google and the other search engines are the ones who decide who the most popular bloggers will be.  Although the search engines and the people do hold a lot of influence, most bloggers who have worked their way up to the Rockstar level got there in a way that might come as a surprise.

Most great bloggers got appointed to their positions of fame by other bloggers, namely the inner circle of bloggers for that niche.

Now, I know that you may not be interested in returning to the high-school social scene where everything was about being more popular.  The pursuit of being popular and accepted by “the group” mandated all types of conformities.

For example, you couldn’t be cool unless you conformed to certain dress codes, or in the case of the grunge era, anti-dress codes.  People would sprinkle their vernaculars with words like, “like totally,” “sike” and “wazup” in order to show everyone else that they were worthy of being accepted to the popular group.

Although the popularity contest was fun in high school, thankfully, blogging isn’t like high-school, but there is one crucial similarity that you need to be aware of that we are going to discuss.  The best way to be popular and to stay popular, in high school and in blogging, is through being in the popular group.  And to be accepted to the popular group, of bloggers, you need to jump through the same hoops that the already popular bloggers needed to jump through when they were where you are right now.

Successful Famous Blogger

Clear a Path

When you are just starting out with no reader base the first step is to have a clear plan of action for the blog.  Plan what the main subjects or themes that the blog will focus on, and consider what you are going to offer your readers that is more attractive to them than another million blogs in your niche.

Content is King

Once the plan for the blog comes together, start producing fantastic content.  It is crucial to keep your content at the highest standards that you can manage; otherwise, you will surely lose readers who will otherwise browse right through your blog.  Finally, don’t announce your blog until it has a considerable amount of content to show to people.

Your New Blog’s Debut

After developing and posting to a blog that you can be genuinely proud about, announce it to friends and family.  Make sure to tell them that you would really appreciate it if they subscribe to your blog feed, post articles on their social media sites, and hit the “like” button.  Once you have a few readers; it should give your blog some initial momentum.

Guest Posting

If your blog is just starting off with a PR of 0, and still haven’t reached the hundred readers mark, there is no reason to get in touch with the premier bloggers to request to guest post on their blogs, because if they bother responding the answer will be a gracious “no.”

The place to start is with blogs that are of great quality and are still only semi-popular.  Send some emails to semi-popular bloggers, and a few will probably agree to have you guest post on your blog.  Guest posting on other blogs allows you to generate interest in your blog from readers in your niche, in addition to improving your SEO.

After guest posting keep in touch with your new blogging buddies, help them out, and they will also help you out.  By linking to their posts in your blog, and announcing news about them in your social accounts you will keep that healthy blogosphere relationship going, and they will also help you out.  As you gain consistently more readership you can guest post on more popular blogs, until eventually you can get in with the most famous bloggers in your niche.

Once you have made it into the inner circle of your niches mega-bloggers your job is to keep being awesome.

Stay Awesome

With all the writing that blogging, and guest blogging requires, it is important to stay awesome through it all.  The guest posts need to be awesome to generate interest in your blog, and your blog needs to be filled with awesome content to get your new visitors to stick around.

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Jenny Paul September 29, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Guest posting is the least enjoyable method of attracting traffic and creating backlinks but it is fruitful as you get dofollow links and you also establish your repute in the relevant bloggers community.

Kristal October 23, 2012 at 8:04 pm

I’ve been hearing quite a bit about guest posting these days. I still havent seen much in the way of how to start doing it. One of the 1st steps it seems would be to acquire a good writing voice. Using spell check might not hurt either!

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