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I recently published an interview with Andrew Rondeau on my blog. If you read that interview you would notice that one point he consistently hammered on was this,

That’s the quickest way to be successful. Find a mentor who has a reputation for being excellent and ‘suck them dry’ of all their info and knowledge.

I definitely have to agree with him; you need someone who has tested the waters and can differentiate between a hoax and the real deal. If you prefer learning all the details by trial and error, you can still beat the mark you set for yourself but at the expense of time.

Blogging has become really competitive and you need as much leverage as you can garner to beat your competitors to the game. Quite frankly, getting a good coach or mentor is the way to go, and surprisingly, these people are not the “cocky, distant, over-busy individuals” we think they are.

The reverse is usually the case – very few people care to ask them about what they know. They are usually eager to help people who are serious about learning from them.

Since they are willing to help so we need to know WHO to approach and HOW to make your approach. Hopefully, the rest of this post will help you with that.

How To Find A Mentor

How To Find A Mentor

Step 1: Draw Up A Mental Description For The Person

The first thing you need to do is to picture the kind of person you want as a mentor. You should ask yourself questions like, “Do I want to be coached by a blogger or would I prefer a freelancer?” You should decide the attributes you require in such a person; some people are the do-it-now type while others are the take-your-time type. It all depends on which kind of person you feel comfortable working with.

Choosing the right kind of mentor could be tricky, there are those that you will believe they are very good at what they do but when you get really close they are really not worth what they say. Others on the other hand make very little noise yet they know a lot. To get the right person you should be prepared to exercise patience and caution.

Once you’re sure you’ve drawn up a good list of (realistic) attributes you want in your potential coach, you should go on to the next step which involves asking around.

Step 2: Once You Have A Picture Of Such A Person – Find Out The People That Fit The Profile

You have the frame, now you have to look for the perfect picture. You know what qualities your mentor should possess and now it’s time to find out who fits the profile.

As you start your search one thing you would notice right from the start is that it is very difficult, almost impossible NOT to find someone who has all the attributes you’ve listed out. All you need to do is to meet the right people and ask the right questions.

The blogosphere has grown so much and people from virtually all backgrounds are making loads of income online. If you want a 16-year-old making $10,000 every month, do a diligence search and you will find someone. You could start by googling “16 year old making $10,000” and see what you get.

The problem usually does not lie in the availability of mentors or coaches but in the availability of serious interns, students or clients.

Step 3: Convince Them

Now that you are sure about the person or people to learn from, you need to convince them that you are not there to waste their time. Established bloggers and internet marketers have lots of work to do but still they would be willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

And because he has to deal with lots of requests, and e-mails you need to grab his attention. You can start with the ol’ method of sending him an email telling him how you’ve learnt a lot from him and how you hope that he would be able to mentor you one day.

From there on you can apply the “Rule of 7” that says a person needs to see an offer 7 times before making a purchase. Applying it to your situation here we can say he needs to hear from you 7 times before your name gets ingrained in his thoughts.

The problem is that interns are usually too lazy to convince mentors to invest more time on them.

The Rule of 7 Explained

When you are trying to make those 7 contacts avoid making it monotonous; you shouldn’t send seven straight e-mails. That would be suicidal. You should look to communicate on different platforms; meet on Facebook, Tweet his posts, recommend his products, and Call him on Skype, etcetera, etcetera.

You should now ask if he can serve as your coach. In most cases he wouldn’t want to say “No” and if indeed he says “No” you’ve succeeded bringing yourself closer to his inner circle. You can “learn from a distance” in the meantime and keep giving him a reason to call you in.

The ultimate rule here however is that the best results come when you keep trying.

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Spitfire07 May 13, 2012 at 12:40 am

Thanks for the advice. I wasn’t aware of the rule of 7. I’ll have to keep that in mind. As a starting point my brother is my mentor and is training me from his experience but as you mention it is important to find someone in your niche. Cheers!

Cherry May 20, 2012 at 6:58 am

This is a great find.. thank you. I just got started with my company and didn’t have any experience with network marketing, so I’ve been feeling like a fish out of water lately.. Couldn’t get much help from my sponsors other than the typical buy this, buy that. Although what they offered does work, it just doesn’t help the typical person that doesn’t have much to spend on advertising. Luckily I bumped into someone else that’s in my company as well, and they volunteered to help however they can. It’s great to find someone that can point you in the right direction, otherwise it’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you can’t succeed.

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