Are you Blogging Hard or Blogging Smart?

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This is a guest post by Mohd Aktar from web designers Taiwan.

We’re often advised that hard work will get us ahead. That’s correct to a certain extent – Working too hard can have a very negative impact on you, as well.

Long hours and the strain to keep doing much more can result in anxiety, depression, burn out.

Rather than just working hard and getting into a lot of hours, why don’t you try to find ways to work smart?


Simply because smart work indicates you’re prone to get to your goals.

In the early days of my blogging, I devoted my precious time to writing terrific blog posts and attracting visitors.

I was thrilled by every new comment on my blog and spent lots of time checking out Google Analytics.

It was all exciting and helped me grow my blog and my audience, but there was no large picture or a whopping plan behind all this effort.

Professional blogging can be quite rewarding if you have used your blog smartly. For reaching these goals, all you want to do is to work smartly and build a highly effective blog. Some methods behind successful blogging are listed here…



Always consider what you want to gain from your blog and with a particular person’s blog post before you decide to write and publish it. Some of the goals you might be working towards:

•    Attracting brand new site visitors
•    Building a community
•    Retaining existing visitors
•    Starting a conversation
•    Selling your own personal product/affiliate product
•    Building a contact list/Twitter followers/Facebook likes
•    Attracting clients

A few posts that I’ve made since I started blogging strategically are created to get viewers to take action I want them to take, such as, “like” on Facebook, browse the affiliate product recommended or sign-up to the subscriber list.


I’m often a bit doubtful about testimonies of people working on 3 hours sleep while they develop their blogging business. Certain, they might gain something fantastic – but I wonder if they’d have done better still with a full night’s rest.

If you’re doing anything remotely innovative or which needs focus, you’re not likely to be at anywhere close to 100% if you’re not relaxing enough. That doesn’t simply mean finding a good night’s sleep – what’s more, it implies taking time off to rest and play. That isn’t “wasting” time – it’s making certain that you can perform BEST in your blogging hours.


It is crucial to consider the objective of your blog and what you need any visitor to do when looking at your website. So, refocus your header, navigation menu, sidebar along with other key areas of your website in the direction of that goal.

Carrying this out tactically and implementing strategically can get you from the blogging mode and can make you more targeted towards attaining something great together with your blog. You will spend your time and effort blogging smartly rather than working hard.

If you are a blogger and are asking yourself what you should do precisely, to make it large, don’t get worried; all you have to do is to take the time to check out the successful bloggers in the community, and study a lot of things on the web to have a hang of it.

I hope you like my ideas; it has helped me become a better blogger, and wish it works for you too!

Do share with us your tips or suggestions towards blogging hard or blogging smart…

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John August 9, 2012 at 6:37 pm

Yap i thing blogging smart is best option, It saves your time and resources. We can learn and earn by acting upon these smart pieces of advice. But for good reputation first make your self rich.

pip October 22, 2012 at 7:55 pm

Thanks for this post Mohd Aktar. I have been considering whether to start up a blog and this advice is really vital like what goals to set and I loved the part about getting rest to get better results out of yourself and ultimately your blog – It’s such a good principle and so true!


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