How to Use Google Plus in your Content Marketing Strategy

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Although it may take Google+ some time to go par with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, it can be safely said that Google’s own version of socialization is slowly establishing itself to eventually go up the ranks. Considering that its name is backed by the world’s most popular search engine, Google+ now dons a cape of great potential to be as successful as its competitors and if not, even go past them.

Google+ is still an underdog when it comes to public interest and popularity but creating a niche with them as a part of your content marketing strategy is one way to kick off your business along with creating a page in other sites as well; it’s a fresh and novel take that anyone can use to promote, to advertise and to establish anything or anyone.

Embracing the rest of the world and telling them that you and your business are ready and capable enough can start with Google+.

Google Plus

Start from the Ground Up

To put things in perspective, Google+ is still a social media site that is somewhat on the verge of creating a revolution provided that it is given the needed time to grow and adapt.

For those new to Google, it is advisable for you to create a Google email account first for fluidity and syncing processes although you can directly create a Google+ page from the get go.

Again, basic information is required and once completed; Google+ will redirect you to its home page, which is typically a Facebook-like interface with a minimalist approach. This is now the perfect time for you to complete your public profile and since first impressions last, make it a point to have an established contour but not to the extent that you end up bragging yourself and your business.

Be subtle enough to know that you are just starting to make a name for yourself. Make yourself as some sort of eye candy to the rest of the Google+ community by being honest yet with enough flare for them to visit your page.

Market Yourself

The world is a battleground as they say, and stern competition is within every corner, especially in the World Wide Web. This is no ordinary battleground to say the least: most likely, it’s not only you whose career path goes in steady stream with content marketing.

Eventually, you will find common practitioners and contenders that share your goals and ambitions. Post appropriate photos of yourself, share something that is related to your expertise, and add links to your website or blog and even comments coming from some of your satisfied customers. This will also be the right time to go full blast about your profession: what you are offering, services that you are willing to undertake, packages and the like.

Branding yourself as the best in what you do is just part of the game that will make your business to be on top of the food chain.

Create your Circle and Expand

The Circle in Google+ can be associated with the “Add as friend” in Facebook and “Follow” in Twitter. What makes Circles a good thing is that you can modify them according to your preference and develop a following within that circumference and thereby, adding another point onto your content marketing plans. The more circles you have, the wider the possibility it brings for you to be discovered by the rest of the community.

Use the + to your Advantage

The +1 is situated at the lower portion of every posted stream on Google+ and serves as that of the “like” button on Facebook and similar to a Retweet over at Twitter. Take this to your advantage by giving a +1 to posts made by your clients as this builds an invisible interaction and connection between you and the receiver. This will also be as a rapport builder to your current clients and to those potential individuals that can help in boosting your status.

Socialize More

Mixing business with pleasure (in moderation of course) can also be a good thing especially when you are online and onboard the world’s largest community. The Internet is by far the most populated space with millions of visitors daily and with good purpose: to gain information, seek answers to their lingering questions and meet new people, business partners and relationships as well. With Google+ being a social media site, everything and anything is within a click of a button.

Needless to say that when one talks about social media, it speaks of both professional and laid back environment that everyone can earn, learn and enjoy at the same time.

Take this notion into mind when using Google+ as part of your content marketing strategy: post videos, links, establish a Hangout, comment on other people’s stream and share – everything is beneficial and can and definitely will play a major role in molding your business into success.

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Barry Jordan September 8, 2012 at 3:26 am

Creation of Google+ account will serve as the online portfolio that may result of the growing network or circle between you and other business minded people. If you notice after creating a Google+ account you will a lot of people you can add onto your circle. This may improved your search rankings. But be sure to only put quality stuff there or else Google may hold your account or even more suspend it.

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