3 Culprits that Rob a Blogger Off His Creativity

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This is a guest post by Knit from Content Axis.

As an avid blogger, creating interesting and reader engaging content has always topped my priority list. As a matter of fact, I have always felt that somehow I have to remain creative to create compelling content.

You would also agree with me that we fellow bloggers have to literally make ends meet and try hard to get the taste of creativity.

It is just like an ice-cream that everyone wishes to have but only the person capable of making payment gets to taste it.

Who is Creative?

If you think being creative is synonymous with intelligence then you are wrong. Refurbish your thinking and always remember that only a person who is free from all worries (and, of course, has little mind) can be creative. Being smart or intelligent is no criteria for being creative. In case, you are an average person with no exceptional IQ than others, you will be surprised to know that you can also be creative.

If Creativity Comes so Easy then Why Not Every Blogger is Creative?

It is quite natural of you to think that why not me? I had also thought so when I started writing blogs. The starting days were okay but when I completely entered the field (read it as lived, ate and slept blogs), I found creativity had left me. Immediately unable to figure out the reason, I went ahead with retrospection and found the following culprits responsible…


1. Assessing and Crafting Simultaneously

I tried to write and assess simultaneously. This shoved me in a fix. I wasn’t able to figure out what to do- write or assess? This reason stopped me from creating creative masterpiece. And, I figured out the solution.

When you create content, just think of what you have to write on and start with it. Once you are done, then segregate the ideas you think are inappropriate. Don’t stop after every sentence or two and start pondering whether it is right or not. Doing this will rob you off your flow and creativity too. Never restrict your flow of ideas. Let them flow. Build a dam and restrict the unwanted ones after finishing the whole write-up.

2. Don’t Hesitate to Question the Masters

Undoubtedly, there are many experts in the blogging field. And, it is not possible to follow everyone. What you can do is listen to everyone and question on anything that you are unable to understand. Many of the great people in the world had faith in them and went ahead with what they thought was right. The path which led them to success might not be the right one for you too. Devise your own and follow it with convention.

3. Overcome Your Fear of Being Unsuccessful

If you think that with your very first post, you will be the hot selling name in the blogging field then it may or may not be true. I mean what if your first blog is not a success and to say the worst, remain unnoticed. For some obvious reasons, fear of being unsuccessful or not making it big, set in.

Avoid this fear but not too hard. Success and failure are interdependent. In your attempt to succeed, if you attempt at evading failure, success might not come to you at all. After all, you can succeed if you take chances. In the absence of your efforts, there will be no room for success and learning. You will feel great (just like I did) when you come up with exceptionally unique ideas and implement them, even after a recent mistake that has happened.

These are 3 culprits (your habits) that rob you off your creativity. Believe me; like I eliminated the habits that held me back, you can also do the same. Know the practices that keep you back from being creative and get rid of them to see your creativity bloom.

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