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Stock photos are the best way to go if you do not want to spend on photographers, sets, props and models. Many websites offer stock photography at a cheap price. All you have to do is choose the most relevant photo you need for your project from a wide array of database.

You even have the option to get royalty free stock images and photos. This means that you do not have to pay the photographer every time you want to use his photo. All you have to worry about is paying a one-time fee and you are all set. You can use the photo for as long as you like however, you won’t have exclusive rights over it. You have to ask the photographer as to the number of times that you will be able to use his photo over a print run.

The Best Source of Royalty Free Stock Images and Photos is a great source of stock photography. Not only do they have flexible buying options but they also have a database of photographs that is updated everyday. It means that you will be able to find the kind of photo you need anytime. You will also be free to choose which purchase option you are most comfortable with.

Depositphotos Stock Images

They have both professional photographers and hobbyists as contributors. You need not worry about the quality of their photographs though because each submission is carefully reviewed and scrutinized before it is made available for purchase. The site has one of the most competitive prices in the market therefore, you will surely find a photo that will fit your budget perfectly. Their stock photos are also meticulously categorized for your convenience.

You have the option to whether subscribe or use credits. If you want to subscribe, you have the power to choose which plans to get. In that way, you will have freedom to choose which plan will work best with your needs. Getting a subscription is best for those who know what they need or will need stock photos on regular basis. On the other hand, if you want the freedom to purchase photos only when you need them, then you can use credits. Many buyers use this method since it is more convenient. However if you are unable to use your credits for a year, they will expire.

The best thing about is that they offer a free trial subscription for those who want to try their services first before becoming a full-fledged buyer. You can take advantage of their Free Trial Subscription for seven days wherein you will be allowed to download five stock images per day.

Depositphotos’ Blog: A Perk like No Other

Aside from providing great photos, also has a very extensive blog section that can supply you with information on various photography topics. There are blogs about tips on photography, special photos for special occasions and interviews with exceptional photographers. This means that aside from having the power to get all the picture you need, you are also entitled to gain more knowledge by reading through Depositphotos’ blog.

Special Bloggers Program

If you are one of the many site owners who are in need of new images that can be used in their websites, then you now have the opportunity to team up with They currently have a special bloggers program being offered to site or blog owners who want to either get a free subscription or hold a contest for their site visitors.

Special Bloggers Program

For those who want to do the latter, is offering to become a sponsor. You can giveaway temporary subscriptions to Depositphotos for free to your visitors. This is best for those who are conducting contests on their respective websites. That means that instead of thinking of other ways to give prizes to your loyal readers, you can partner up with for your promotion.

In return, you should promote and blog about on your site. You could tackle a range of topics about them such as their low pricing schemes, flexible payment methods and their wide collections of photographs.

VERDICT definitely gives everyone what they need – may you be a buyer in need of great high quality photos, a contributor in need of income or a site owner who needs a great business partner.


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