5 Reasons Why SEO Marketing Doesn’t Excite You

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This is a guest post by Antonio Coleman from TrafficColeman.com

Some people just don’t get it after all the time being online; reading major blogs that are talking about seo and not really understanding what you’re reading.

You are out there looking for those answers to major questions..like does seo work and can it work for a person like me?

The people who ask questions like this have an augment but most of them are asking just to find a reason not to use seo. Some people feel that seo is not achievable because its something everyone is not doing so it must not be worth your time. Many people are the monkey see monkey do type of people who do as others do. They don’t think for themselves at all when it comes to marketing.

Many of them look for answers from people who are getting traffic from doing things other than seo. Like social media or some form of PPC, which is good but I think getting free traffic is better.

In my seo marketing series I try to at least break it down to people so they can understand it in a an easy language terms but most people still fall under the  following…

SEO Marketing

Too Lazy

They say if you want to get something done then never give it to a lazy person. These are the people who say it’s too much work to try to rank for one keyword.

They say that its better to spend a little money on adwords than to fight through the wars of seo marketing. So for this reason we see most of them give up before even building the first link or posting the first article on e-zine articles.

Not a Believer

Some people simply don’t believe seo is something you can gain free traffic from. I had a person tell me that they think Google sells their top rankings at a price and if you know how to do it then you don’t need seo.

Before I fell out off my seat I had to break it down to them and say this is the reason they have Google adwords, which is where people can spend money to gain traffic and rank above the ‘normal’ search results..

There is no way in the world they are selling top spot because they’re looking for a level playing ground and want competitive results coming back.

Stuck On Facebook

The Facebook marketers are the ones that get caught up in the environment which is Facebook now. They feel like Facebook is the king of traffic and no one can tell them different. I feel what they are saying but it’s not smart to put all your eggs into that basket of social marketing.

It’s true you can get tons of free traffic from Facebook and gain many subscribers if done right. But the thing is that you are limited and it’s not a search engine so don’t treat it as one..at least as of now. So Facebook is great but its worth doing a little seo if you really want to target millions.

Not Focus

One big thing about the internet is that you can get sucked up in all of this marketing talk. I’m talking about guest blogging to social media in which tons of blogs talk about all day differently.

So your mind is going all over the place and hence your focus is just not there. You want to be able to concentrate on one marketing avenue but it’s just not going to work because of your lack of focus.

Takes Too Long

Many people will say that seo takes too freaking long and no one in their right mind will market a site for 3 months in hopes of getting hundreds if not thousands of visitors each day through Google. No one is that crazy and so for that reason I’m not doing it and I wish the people ‘good luck’ who does.

The thought of marketing a website for that long can run some people away but for those who understand the power of it are the ones who reap the benefits. Like they say…good things comes to those who wait.

So people need to just sit back and relax to embrace what seo have in store for them. My seo FAQ’s page was somewhat designed to at least give you guys a blue print into knowing what is seo and how it can benefit your website. Remember thispeople don’t plan to fail but fail because of lack of planning.

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