Making Money Online Mastery – 3 Tips for Social Networking Success

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Social network pros prosper wildly in the making money online niche. Attractive individuals stick out from the crowd of selfish, inward thinking entrepreneurs.

Most care about ME. Few care about others. Most WANT MONEY NOW. Few delay the urge for instant gratification, focusing instead of serving others. Be one of the few.

Social networking requires you to talk to people. *Social* networking. But not about your opportunity.

Talk about your friends. Add value to profiles, by writing insightful, helpful comments. Ask questions. Provide answers. Get what you want by helping other people prosper. As you see most people use social networking incorrectly. Move the focus from Me to helping other people.

Pros focus on serving. Helping others. Branching out. Building massive, powerful networks of leaders who boost pro’s presence on a daily basis. Plug into Oneness. Stop trying to do everything on your own. Plenty of people want to help you prosper online.

How do you meet this crowd?

By helping as many people as possible each day on social networks. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Google Plus. Anywhere.

Making Money Online Mastery


Social Networking Success

1 – Hang Out in the Right Places

Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter streams. Hang out where prospects hang out. Waste no time hanging where prospects do not hang out. Spend all of your time connecting with targeted prospects. Chat. Connect. Write helpful comments. Answer questions. Share your insight. Attract prospects.

Run a twitter search for your niche keyword. Build a list around tweeters from your niche who provide value. Retweet your list members. Engage. Connect. Target your hang out spots to prevent weeks, months or years of social network wheel spinning.

Develop authority. Prosper. Focus on social spots where your message is popular. Speak to the right audience. No need to hang out on inspirational groups all day long if you are a home business coach.

2 – Share Content Like a Friend

Like a post? Share the post on your wall. Sharing; caring people make money online with ease because the crowd builds an army of people who are happy to promote sharing, caring people. Want traffic? Help people generate traffic by sharing people’s content with your audience. Whatever you want, give it away.

The foolproof way for a home business newbie to become a pro quickly is sharing content aggressively. Promote other people tenaciously. Become a free giver. Give freely receive easily. Everybody digs a giver. Everybody wants to see a free giver succeed. Keep giving, keep helping and it all comes back to you. Whatever you reap you once sowed.

3 – Improve Your Social Skills

Send personalized emails to new friends, thanking people for connecting with you. Pen 3 paragraph long comments. The 1 line comment drive by is all well and good, but you seek mastery. Masters are freakishly adept at building home business connections, by developing intensive mindfulness. Penning a 3 paragraph comment makes you stand out. Big Time.

Think about it: imagine how popular you become by making an IMPACT wherever you pop up?

Popular people grow networks of individuals who promote popular people aggressively. Sounds pretty beneficial, doesn’t it?

10, 20, or 50 people, or more, promoting you aggressively to tens to hundreds of thousands of people? Whammo! Reach out with style. Personalize experiences. What is the favorite sound in your native language? Your first name. Everybody likes being addressed by name. Adds a neat personal touch which makes you remember the person who took the time to address you by name. Especially in the cyber world.


Hang out in the right places. Save yourself time and energy. Share content like a friend. Expand your presence with lightning speed. Improve your social skills to make powerful connections.

What social networking tips can you add for making money online pros?

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