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A Question: Why Outsource?

Setting: a young, strong dentist, who just opened his private clinic, arrives the day of a major snowfall.  Upon hearing the forecast the previous evening, he had groaned as he adjusted his alarm;  he would have to wake up 15 minutes early.  Before he begins his regular work day, he shovels the snow in front of his clinic, so his patients wouldn’t fall.   Then, he enters his clinic, flips on the “OPEN” sign and waits for business.

In a few weeks his business picks up.  He is booked solid.  A major snowstorm is on its way.  Will he do the shoveling now?

The dentist realizes that he must either wake up early again—to do the  extra shoveling work, or hire someone to remove the snow.  So, he hires a man who can clear it in 30 minutes.  Was this a good use of everyone’s time?

Absolutely.  The man who shoveled the walk in 30 minutes obviously wanted the job.  The dentist needed it done, but he wasn’t particularly anxious to get up earlier than necessary on a busy day.  Although the dentist could do it quicker, he had enough work to do already—he did not want to work extra shoveling the walk.  Everyone wins!!!

When you outsource, you are hiring someone to do a portion of your work.  Humans have outsourced in one form or another since cave man days.

Blog Problems

“But, I am a do-it-myself type person & blogging is free.”

I originally started my blogging journey on a minimal budget.  I could get started for free with wordpress.  But, there are no dummies at word press.  They know that if you create a profitable blog, there are ways that they can help you get traffic, make sales, and process those sales more efficiently.  (Could I add more items to that list?  Absolutely, Word Press has tons of aids for the blogger–too many to list here.)   WordPress makes its income from these extras.  And Word Press does OK!

Most people have watched a sitcom (or multiple sitcoms) where the hero of the show decides that he can fix a minor plumbing problem.  (This topic is so spectacular, yet so common, that practically every sitcom uses it.)  Of course, our hero fails miserably, and sewer water gushes everywhere.  The lesson—there are things that you should not try to fix.  There may be problems that can undo your work.  Yes, creating backups will limit the damage.  But, as bloggers, we do not want to stop blogging or redo anything—we can’t afford to waste our valuable time.

Outsourcing for Bloggers

Blog Designer

There are do-it-yourselfer who can teach themselves how to blog.  When they reach a difficult point in the road—they know exactly where to find help.  How do I know?  I hired one.  I knew I was not a do-it-yourselfer.  I knew that if I hired a do-it-yourselfer, I could keep blogging.  I would not have to worry about designing and fret about not being able to  continue because I had to install a plug-in before I could do anything else.  Katrina is prompt and knows the blogging design details that used to keep me from proceeding to the next step.

Let me share my blogging near-disaster story.  This would be  my sitcom plumbing disaster equivalent, in the blogging world.  (two paragraphs up)  Let me tell you—I was not laughing!

I was to install some code in the heading of my blog, so my blog could be placed in a directory.  I did my research and mapped out exactly where I needed to place the code.  I put it in the right spot, the exact spot they told me to place it: I swear!  Then, I proudly prepared to test my results.

Here is where I wish I could be dramatic.  A bit of a pause…lights off.  That would be accurate.  There was nothing on my blog site.  I was terrified.  There is no way to describe the panic that one feels at the thought that he might have destroyed two years, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of work in one misstep.  But, I knew enough to call 911.  K-A-T-R-I-N-A!  (my blog designer)  She was right on it.  In half an hour my blog was up and running.  I could breathe again!

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Virtually every blog post has at least one picture.   A picture livens up the post.  It gives a personality to the words.  People expect it.  If anyone writes a post without a picture, readers usually leave immediately.

You can take pictures on your webcam for your blog.  Graphics (pictures)  could be created on the web.  Or pictures can be taken directly from the internet.    Danger:  You do not want to use copyright protected pictures on your blog.  That could get you into legal  trouble.

A good picture can keep visitors on your blog.  So, if you have the resources to hire someone with imagination and talent to help you with your pictures, it is a smart move.

Blog Post Writer

Some people have the talent to write well.  There are many people who want to have a blog but don’t have that talent.  If you want to create a blog, but are not particularly good at writing, you can outsource that, also.

Companies are finding that they need to communicate with their customers.  One of the best, most efficient ways of communicating is through a corporate blog.  Not every company has an employee with the ability and extra time to create top notch blog posts.

Time for my confession; the reason that I wrote this post is that this is what I do!  I offer the outsourcing option to the person or company who does not want to create blog posts.  For more info, visit my blog: Hire This Blogger.

Final Thoughts 

There are other outsourcing options that savvy bloggers use.  Online coach, search engine optimization experts, and social media advisor are a few.

One can quickly spend a large amount of money hiring all these people.  Yet, even blogs that outsource may fail.  Why?  People did not know how to create or publicize their blog correctly.  Well-spent outsourcing money can be the difference between failing or succeeding!

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Allen Morey March 26, 2013 at 1:02 pm

When I’m writing about a topic that I genuinely care about, It’s not stressful. When I’m forcing myself to push out content for traffic like I’ve been doing today, I get serious headaches. I have one right now, but it’s slowly going away. Between writing posts, social media marketing and designing original graphics, it’s certainly a lot for one person to handle. I’ve tried to get others involved to build a solid team, but it’s difficult to find people willing to put in effort without immediate reward.

I completely agree that outsourcing is a good way to lighten the load, but it’s not within everyone’s budget. It’s certainly not in mine, but I’ve been considering it for the very near future. In the meantime, there’s always aspirin I guess. 🙂

Ashish Gill March 28, 2013 at 1:08 am

It really gets tedious sometimes to blog every time. Taking a day out and visiting places where there is only you and nature does help a lot.

Elle April 30, 2013 at 4:12 pm

hey David,

I like your outsourcing fable; and I hope more writers will start to craft content that looks similar to what you’ve created here. Congrats!

This proves that most freelancers and entrepreneurs start outsourcing ONLY when they’re required so by consequence (business growth) or accident (site hacking or malware)

I now understand why you can gladly and professional write top notch posts for other businesses and bloggers… you’ve did this for ages, I guess… since you’re having a “content skills for hire” website yourself, isn’t it?

How does that work for you? I see your blog hasn’t been updated in awhile… do you plan to add new content soon? Or outsource it?

Joseph May 3, 2013 at 7:08 am

Great points you got here Dave, I’m also wondering to consider hiring someone to do the major job for me and I do the minimal tasks. I’m currently running a personal SEO blog and my strategy is not about link building, ”not revealing my tactics” but all white hat though. So going back to your post, the only thing we need to make sure is that we need to ensure the level of their work and always be updated about the status of their projects.

Ansh June 11, 2013 at 9:34 pm

Hey David,
Awesome post..
Well seriously I am a kind of lazy guy who gets tired easily.. I only post 2-3 posts a week on my own blog and even take my evenings out… I liked your point that outsourcing is a good way to reduce load but can these outsourcing agents can be trusted?

Abrar Tariq July 23, 2013 at 5:34 pm

Writing daily Posts are difficult, and i believe rather than writing daily content bloggers should also outsource for Infographics and publish them once of twice every month, this will give them floods of traffic too. 🙂

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