Writing Headlines That Work Is A Blogging Skill

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Your blogging success greatly depends on your writing skill. As you progress from the level of a novice to the experienced blogger, you can experience endless ways to improve your writing and thus you will be able to engage your audience and define your own success story.

OK, what about headlines? They are the crucial bits that get your blog posts read.

Let me get straight to the meat of this post.

Writing Headlines

Scintillating Headlines

You should understand that people will overlook the content if you fail to provide attractive headlines. It is not only new visitors but also the loyal audience who has subscribed to your emails or RSS feeds that will always focus on headlines. Hence, you should write headlines in such a way they should catch the visitors’ eyes.

If you fail to churn out an inquisitive caption, the visitor will not go through the rest of the content as well. If you think about it carefully, the reason for reading a particular paragraph in a newspaper is that you are influenced by the inventive headlines that will create interest to read the following lines as well.

Ways to get better your headlines

You can create a headline with a query. For example, you can ask a question: Can you exchange words for money? This question will provoke interest to figure out how money can be generated through words. It will make the reader to go through the piece of writing. If a person is desperately looking to vent his writing skills, he or she will not falter to read the entire story.

You can include headlines that have ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ parts. The following examples can help you creation of headlines in this direction:

  • How to prevail over stress?
  • What websites will assist you discover right resource on any topic?
  • What makes your web pages load very slow?
  • When should you upgrade the anti-virus software?
  • Why lifestyle will influence your health?

You can also explore numbered items, best and worst on various topics. For example, you can write: Top 5 ways to improve your fitness, 3 important factors that give you long life, best ways to reach visitors through social media, worst blog designs, and best ways to convert your audience.

The examples provided above are meant to give you an idea or to give an approach that will help improve your headline writing styles. In fact, as you go through your blogging horizon, you will keep on exploring and delivering headlines that attract the audience all the time. The end result should be the creation of headlines that add value to the audience.

You should inculcate the habit to scrutinize headlines that are published in various leading newspapers and magazines. It is desirable to prepare scintillating headlines first and the following lines should be prepared in tune with the headline (that is, deliver what you promise). As far as possible, the length of blog titles should be short. The font size of the headlines should be big and they should be in a readable format.

With a little patience and practice you can work out on headlines that can confine the audience and you will have fun in creating such headlines as well.

Classy techniques

As you plan for headlines, you should think out of the box. Sometimes, you might want to create headlines that are controversial. You can include ‘call for action’ headlines.

Usage of most appealing and killer buzz words will encourage readers to go through the passage. As and when you get an opportunity to cite the reference of a celebrity or the sharing of a joke will have the power to attract your readers.


By choosing headlines relevant to the context you will attract readers and make them to stay on your blog. You will make your readers realize that their stay on your blog is worth their time and effort.

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