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This is a guest post by Lior who is a web consultant sharing important things to look at while choosing wordpress themes. You can follow him on Twitter @liorl

Is it time to give your WordPress blog a new look? One of the greatest advantages of using WordPress as a blogging platform is the availability of thousands of themes, all of them with a slew of features that can take your blog to the next level both visually and functionally.

It’s like having a never-ending blog wardrobe. But that almost infinite array of themes can also make it difficult to decide which one’s right. It might surprise you to know, that many of these issues you should be thinking about have nothing to do with the actual look of the blog. Instead, they focus on the backend features that new bloggers may not even think about.

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This is a guest post by Adesoji Adegbulu who blogs at MakeMoneyOnlineNg and in this post you will know 5 reasons why people fail in website flipping business and are not able to make money online through this way.

I have been online for a couple of years and I have come to find out that website flipping is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing industries on the internet.

It is a medium where people can really make real money online. Website flipping is just like doing the business of real estate. Sometimes I refer to website flipping as internet real estate.

However, it is also a fact that the industry is hyped to some extent, as there are not many webmasters out there who confirm to have gained huge profits from the business of website flipping.

So what differentiates a successful website flipper from other website flippers?

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Are you having an online business website that runs on a cheap web hosting or a web hosting that is kind of using an old technology? Is your web hosting server shaking due to high use of resources causing various problems? Do you think that it can handle your online business which is growing day by day?

Until now, shared hosting was the best choice you could make if you wanted a cheap and reliable solution to host your website or application on the Web.

But of course, this technology is not without its limitations: you get few resources, the security isn’t very tight and you can’t upgrade your package if and when your site needs more processing power.

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• vps cloud • what is Vps cloud hosting • cloud hosting

Are you looking to start a blog soon? Are you going to establish a small website for your business? Do you think you can find the right web hosting for your website?

Read this post as you will know 5 major things to look for in a web hosting company before making a decision to let them host your soon to be launched website/blog.

Hosting is a very important part of the Web, as it is this service that allows us to have websites online in the first place. Without good web hosting service providers, we would have to build and maintain our own equipment, which would serve the web pages and scripts of our sites to the viewers, and that is a very difficult (and more importantly, expensive) thing to do.

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This is a guest post by Peter Garety sharing us how we can keep our blog updated with fresh content in case we are struggling from writer’s block. Do make a visit to his Auto Traffic Avalanche blog.

The dreaded condition called writer’s block comes every so often, even to the most experienced of bloggers.

The words just won’t flow no matter how hard you stare at your computer screen with your fingertips posed over the keyboard or hold your pen against the surface of your legal pad.  🙂

The drought of words simply happens every once in a while, and when that drought occurs, the spell could last days, even weeks.

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