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Writing Original content for your blog is important nowadays. You can’t rehash the same old stuff from other blogs. This is a guest post by Tim Handorf, who writes on the topics of online colleges and is sharing with us today Tips On How to Write Original Blogs.

Part of maintaining a successful blog means writing fresh, original content on a regular basis. Just think about the blogs you follow regularly, and ask yourself why you follow that particular blog rather than other blogs of the same genre.

Chances are the reason you follow certain blogs is because something about the blogger’s unique style of writing appeals to you — it stands out from the crowd.

So why is it that many blogs you see these days only copy the ideas of another blogger?

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Learn how to build a successful residual income business website in this post. It’s a guest post by Lena Morrish and Dima Nikolayenko who provides guidance over starting an internet business at their website

As an important part of your business plan for your residual income business, it is vital that you build a reliable and informative website that will work for you to help you set yourself and your business efforts apart from your competitors.

By creating a user-friendly website that highlights the products and services offered by your affiliates you will have a website that, in essence, works for you.

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Writing about how to be successful online, this is a guest post by Felix Albutra who is now Blogging for Profit. Check out his blog for more great and useful information.

People who already have the skills on the field they wanted are most likely become successful. Or maybe you will become successful if you immediately figure out your potentials in your field.

What if the case is different from what you are expecting?

If you are a blogger that only have the skill to write, then you won’t become successful online. Huh! Why?

Here comes the situation. What if, you are about to launch your own product or implementing a case study, then your computer shuts down.

What if you are creating your new post and you want to add an image to your article, but don’t know how?

What if you want to tweak your blog design but you can’t? And you most likely don’t want to spend money for hiring other people doing what you want.

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This is a guest post by Peter from Ideas Bubble raising a question: Are You A Blogging Scammer?.

We’ve gotten used to all those scam emails that come into our inbox every single day trying to sell us horrible products that are way to good to be true.

Aside from all those rubbish products, the same is actually quite true for blogging. Are you a blogging scammer?

Writing blog posts that you say will change others as bloggers. Those amazing topics and discussions that sound so good and important, and yet have nothing and do absolutely nothing at all.

Blogging is about standing up to an expectation that is of true quality and writing something that might be of value to someone. What about you? Do you write rubbish content that no one can actually do anything useful with.

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This is a guest post by Frank Lee from Internet Marketing Systems. Today, he is sharing 9 powerful blog writing tips with us.

Anyone can start a blog. These days, it seems that just about everyone does. With a WordPress or Blogger account (or any one of the other free services out there) you can have a blog set up in minutes.

However, for every one excellent blog out there, there are thousands of bad ones.

The good news is that there are several keys to creating an excellent blog, and I’ve listed them for you here.

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