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Suppose you start your own website or even your own blog with an overwhelming enthusiasm. What next? Wouldn’t you want the world to know that your web portal exists in an online battleground glutted with similar websites and blogs? If yes, then how would you go about differentiating your creation with the thousands of others to attract visitors before your enthusiasm dies down?

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Your one the important goal as an internet marketer is to have the top rankings in the search engines like Google which will give you the maximum amount of exposure.

Thousands of people are flocking to the internet everyday to learn how to make money. Whether it’s a little extra money to help cover their bills, or it’s to replace a full time job that has just been lost due to recession, the Internet is becoming saturated with new websites and blogs each day. Which means that competition is getting tougher all the time. If you are an online business owner, you have to find a way to compete with all these new websites that are trying to reach your potential customers. Keyword researching is one method in how this is done.

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Making your blog do most of the things automatically is really a great deal. Automatic blogging is a one of the most powerful tools of affiliate marketers who are making Big Buck$. Even I have started using automated blogging plugin to make money with the affiliate products on my affiliate blogs. Thanks to Thomas,the creator of Wp-Robot plugin who gave his premium plugin to me for free to enjoy it’s awesome features.

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Make Money Online” is one of the popular keyword used by bloggers and if you search for this keyword on Google you will 90% of times MoneyMakerInfo Ranking on 1st position. Well how is that? It’s because of great effort in Keyword Optimizing by Alan Liew who is the owner of this awesome blog.

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iRateSites is a new and exciting way to get you’re websites rated, while also helping others by rating their site. No longer will you have to wait for others to rate your site on forums like Digitalpoint, despite you rating everyone else. They have created a fair point based system, sign up and rate sites to get points to spend on getting you’re sites rated. It’s simple, but it works!

It has following features:

100% Free. No Paid Listings, No Paid Features.
Extremly Easy & Quick to use. No Advanced Setup or Confusion.
Fair and Balanced System. No Silly ‘Paid Status’.
You rate a site, someone will rate you. It’s that simple!
A Easy to understand interface, that makes it easy for you!

So Just Go and sign up to iRateSites