Comment Policy

Following policies are important and should be kept in mind (in the first row 😀 ) whenever you comment on SmartBloggerz!

  1. You cannot put your keywords in the Name Field. For example, never put “Cheap Car Entals” or “Make Money Online” etc. as your Real Name. If you break this, I will automatically change your name by taking some hint from your e-mail ID or any other way which you may not like. But for your benefit, I have added KeywordLuv plugin to my blog so if you want to add keywords then you can do so by putting yourname@yourkeywords in the Name field this will link only your keyword to your webpage.
  2. Never spam by commenting like, “Thanks for the article. I liked reading it” or “Great Article. I loved it” or “Thanks for the tips” or any such type of comments which have no value. If you don’t have any thoughts to put into the comment box about the topic, then please don’t do it. I will never accept your comment if you post something like this. A proper comment should be almost 3-4 lines long in most of the cases.
  3. You should control your language. Never ever think to use any abusive or harsh words which hurts somebody’s feelings.
  4. No Signature Links. Please! Don’t put any kind of links at the end of your post. Like many People do as:


Only put link at the end if it is related and important to the topic.

Breaking any policy might result in deletion of your comment or modification of it according to me which you may not like. So please follow these simple policies.