4/24/11 – You are reading my eToro Review

If you are in search of the easiest way to make some big bucks online, seriously, NOT peanuts, FOREX shall be the first suggestion from any expert.

The flexibility of work, possibility of complete automation and the feasibility of even-a-child-can-can-do-it make the FOREX arena more valuable and the most wanted. Although it had been around for a while, the great debut of FOREX robots and easy-to-use of platforms have contributed much to the recent increase in the popularity of FOREX trading.

As the saying goes, Legends make a difference, and the rest try to imitate. The arrival of eToro has made some real life revolutions in the FOREX world as the platform could really change the whole concept of FOREX; the way people trade and earn. It will no more be a joke when someone says, “FOREX is a child’s play”, for even kids can give a try when they are running on eToro.


Any internet hunt on ‘FOREX’ or ‘FOREX broker’ would bring the name eToro in the results page, for the platform that has already become an unavoidable part of FOREX. Not only the traders who make million bucks out of FOREX but also the critics who watch the money game with a third eye agree on the fact that eToro is the best platform ever. Jumping to the conclusion without having a look inside shall be leading a newbie to some traps, and hence we have a deep ‘inside out’ etoro review of the same.

Why eToro Is Popular?

You may be familiar with the fact that FOREX or Foreign Exchange is the largest financial market in the world with a daily average turn over of Three Trillion Dollars. eToro, being the easiest platform, could inspire the market with the most convenient and newbie-friendly features that unveiled the curtain of FOREX jargon – complicated applications, illegible graphs and incomprehensible terms. The major features that made eToro the hot favorite among traders include:

  • eToro is one of the easiest trading platforms to provide the best trading experience.
  • The real trading practice using virtual money helps the noobs trade online without losing a single dollar.
  • Multiple language support makes it even comprehensive to the traders who do not know English.
  • The community services and Training programs help anyone become successful without having prior experience in trading or being a FOREX guru.
  • Professional customer support that could be treated as a trusted hand on the go takes people all the way from the first step.

Will FOREX Trading be made ‘Simpler’ with eToro?

The basic concept of tech world that an application should be ‘user-friendly’ has been replaced with the ‘people-friendly’ system of eToro, as the platform only recognize people, and it is more than enough to have an idea of how eToro is treating the traders. Helping people achieve their financial goals via FOREX trading while enjoying what they are doing, from the very beginning till the end of the day.

It has been widely acknowledged that the people-friendly way of financial trading has been the reason why eToro stands odd among others. Everything; the first approach to the trading, the way eToro interact with people, and of course the way people interact with each other during trading, has been made simpler by eToro.

Getting into the business, having a firm foot on eToro, will give you a better understanding of what eToro is and how the ‘people-friendly’ concept can help you all the way to the top.

Earning Is Learning and Learning Is Earning

Getting a FOREX broker won’t be an issue at the moment as the FOREX arena has been giving birth to many platforms and ‘gurus’ everyday, but you may find it almost impossible to discover something similar to eToro, to start with FOREX trading. That is why hundreds of thousands of people have chosen eToro as the platform for their financial aspirations.

Having the ‘Best’ is only a concept in the tech world, for it always gives birth to the ‘Better than the best’, but still it should be admired that no other platforms give this kind of a support to the traders on their attempts to make real progress from the trading business. Mastering the art is no more a secret than a well-defined roadmap. The first time users, across the globe, prefer only eToro for this simple but significant reason.

The comprehensive practice trading and the professional support make it the ‘most wanted’ among newbie and experienced traders.

The ‘Stress-free’ FOREX Trading

Have you ever thought of remaining delighted even when you are trading? Will it be possible for traders to lead a stress-free life when they are playing with money? Experiencing the eToro life is an absolute essential before nodding the head ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

eToro promises its customers a delightful experience by providing features, tools and technologies to become a real success in FOREX trading. Rather than focusing on the trading software, eToro lets its users free to focus on trading. The easy-to-master platform offers a hassle-free trading experience.

The personal, one-on-one assistance takes the traders to the next level of customer experience that is built on trust. Leaving the obstacles to the trusted hands will promise a worry-free trading, to the newbies and experts. Such an exceptional trading experience will not leave anybody without being a success story in the FOREX market.

To make it an added ‘delighted experience’, the community features, analysis and market insights of eToro provides the tools that are well fit to meet ever-changing demands.


Is FOREX Trading All About ‘Getting Together’?

The trading on eToro is built on Community, Co-operation and Interaction, the 3 unavoidable pillars of success. A concept built upon the concrete understanding of being together, an attempt to make the maximum out of togetherness, and the transparent path created out of experience – that is what eToro togetherness mean.

The eToro support team interacts with the traders, the traders interact with each other, and the results are nothing but the growth and success on both sides. The most rewarding FOREX trading community on the internet was born from this togetherness.

Although support forums and community networks are not rare initiatives, the eToro model support systems that help each other while growing together are odd. The on-time support simply upgrades the support systems elsewhere – giving what is required when it is required.

The Price Tag: Is eToro Really Worth Paying?

Only stupid pays more than the worth of something (of course, the show guys do, but they are also stoops). While a majority gets trapped in many Get-Rich-Quick schemes, the real worth of a FOREX platform is beyond the calculations of an ordinary fellow.

How to analyze the real value of a FOREX broker? What will you pay for a system that guarantees you the genuine ways to make money on trading?

The results should speak, than the assumptions. Leaving the process shouldn’t be left to the analysts if you have got a working brain. If the hundreds of thousands of traders who make a good living online, simply on the eToro foundation, are not wrong, what the traders get on eToro is much more than what they are paying.

Again, the unique eToro concept of ‘Value for Satisfaction’ makes it odd in the crowd, where ‘Value for Money’ is the greatest deal. The 24 hours a day, seven days a week support system ensures value for satisfaction at its best.

The most competitive trading offers, low spread and a wide range of products having some cool features that are not available elsewhere will enhance the trading experience, giving more value to the FOREX experience. Reaching the financial goals get a lot easier when it is about eToro based FOREX trading.

The Factor “T”

It doesn’t matter if you are making a living online or offline, the trustworthiness of the other party who you are dealing with is as significant as your life, for it may destruct you at any moment. eToro stands one step ahead when it is about the trustworthiness of a FOREX broker.

Getting into the hearts and minds of the customers has been given supreme preference at eToro, as they know that is the base where the entire business is to be built on. As for them, getting credibility through accomplishment is better than self-acknowledgement. The most secure trading platform is also offering the best in class privacy features. Aiming the highest level of professionalism in all the trades, eToro is at its best in credibility that makes people say “Trustworthy”.

It has been a normal practice played by many brokers that to put some obstacles on the way in order to seek doing something that is sure to affect the trader or the trading experience, but nobody has registered such issues against eToro so far.

Since its debut to the FOREX arena, eToro has been making all the attempts to build such a reputation among the traders who ever had an experience with eToro.

Why Openness Matters?

Transparency and openness always pay. Believing in openness means, nothing is there to hide. Being open to be inventive is another strategy that is being held by the eToro community. Sharing the secret strategy won’t make anybody doomed, rather it may help somebody else to survive.

The openness philosophy that got wider attention and acceptance across the traders have also played a crucial role in making the eToro community one of the largest forums online.

As the support team always keeps the motto of ‘Keeping openness may transform some lives’, nobody who wants to give eToro a try will be disappointed.

Can a Trader be Inventive?

Invention is often considered as a scientific term, and has been completely controlled by some gurus who pretend as if they are responsible for the inventions on the earth. Nobody will ever think or believe that an online FOREX trader should be inventive, but the fact is, he should be.

The right attitude, when met with the ability, creates opportunities. The open forum of eToro is always open to the people who are inventive. Newest strategies, widest imaginations and the cleverest practices make the success doubled or tripled.

The visual trading was the first attempt of its kind and could really revolutionize the whole market. However, it is no more a unique feature as many others have also followed the same. eToro is on continuous efforts to bring some newer and effective features that are capable of boosting the benefits to the trader while making the whole process a lot simpler.

The Impacts of a Demo Mode.

Experience is the best [and sometimes the worst] teacher, but only when we learn something new from what we experienced. Spending a lot of bucks on learning the FOREX trends will make you doomed, and the result shall be nothing but nobody will get into the trading business. That is why and that is the only reason why eToro helps the users to have a free account with a virtual balance of $10,000 that can be used to trade as if in real life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an expert in online business, you may find some pitfall on the way to reach to top of FOREX world. When you are starting the trading business with the virtual money that you are given while creating a free account with eToro, you have nothing to lose but many things to learn.

And the question is…………

Anyone who is reading a review of something should always be looking downwards to the finishing lines, the conclusion or the recommendation. Should I give eToro a try or not?


Before answering the question, I would like to remind one thing that Success in life is NOT mandatory, rather a choice. If you believe that financial freedom is your right and you are ready to invest some time on earning while learning, eToro shall be a perfect choice for you. This doesn’t mean that eToro is the only way to make living online, or to make some big bucks out of FOREX trading, but this is one of the [if not only the] best ways to earn online, Genuine and effective, simple and powerful, easy to do and ever promising.

I will rate eToro 4.45 out of 5 stars based on my experience.

The rest is up to you!