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You will be reading wp robot review here which is the best autoblogging plugin for wordpress. Autoblogging is on high rise and a great way to make money online. WP Robot is the right and most used autoblogging wordpress plugin. So you must really try wp robot.

WP Robot is the best automation plugin for wordpress. WP Robot quickly creates autopilot blogs with the help of which you can easily get a good automated income. There are 3 Key Points Of WP Robot Plugin:

  • Easy To Install
  • Simple To Use
  • Clean Automated Work

With the help WP Robot plugin, it can autopost Amazon Products, Quality Articles From Article Directories and RSS Feeds, eBay Listings, Clickbank Ads, YouTube Videos, Flickr Images, Q&A’s from Yahoo Answers with many more functionality.



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Installing & Setup Process Of WP Robot

WP Robot installation is way to easy than you would have imagined. Once you have purchase WP Robot, all you have to do is

  • Go to your wordpress dashboard;
  • Click on Add New Plugin;
  • From the Upload Tab, just upload the .zip file you received after payment.
  • Uploaded? Then Activate it!

Easy enough? I think so. Once Installation is done Setting Up WP Robot to automate your wordpress blog is also an easy thing to do. Once you have installed it perfectly and activated, you will see a New WP Robot Tab in your WordPress Dashboard.


First you should go to Options Tab of it and there you will have to enter details according to the modules you have. For example you will have to add your Clickbank affiliate ID, API for Amazon, Yahoo and eBay modules etc. You will easily find help in the options page (provided from wp robot) if you aren’t able to understand any certain thing. Once you have properly set up that, all you have to do is take the last step for automating your wordpress blog i.e You Have To add Keywords.

To do that, you can go to WP Robot tab or you can add bulk keywords from the “Bulk Add Tab”. While adding keywords, you will also have the options to choose the category in which you want the content to be posted; choose the frequency of autoposting of that keyword; which module to work for that keyword.


Once you have added the keywords, you can view your blog to see some nice content being autoposted.


WP Robot Modules

With WP Robot you can choose variety of modules for your autopilot blogs. There are 10 WP Robot Modules to do the automation work.


1. Amazon Module (Cost: $40)

The Amazon module could create blog posts for any product sold on Amazon. It can also add all reviews found on the product page to the post as comments!

It Automatically creates Amazon product posts with reviews, images, rating, price and comments for any keyword you specify. You can Earn money for any sale you refer through your posts through Amazon’s affiliate program. It Supports all the international versions of the Amazon Affiliate program including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan!


2. Article Module (Cost: $20)

With the help of article module you can get continuous flow of articles for your autopilot blog. Currently, the articles can be auto posted from any one of the following directory(you can choose it from the WP Robot option’s page):


Both of these directory are very big so you don’t have to worry about the article supply to your blog for your keyword. It can add articles in English, Spanish, Portugese, French or Russian to your blog. The plugin makes the content cleaner by getting the real writers author boxes which will be shown below that article.


3. eBay Module (Cost: $20)

The eBay module can add recent and popular auctions from eBay to your weblog on autopilot. As long as there are auctions on eBay for it, the eBay module can add it to your blog.

With the nex MIX feature you can now also add eBay auctions to all other posts created by WP Robot (i.e. articles or videos) to monetize your weblog even better. You can add up to 6 different auctions to a single post.


4. Clickbank Module (Cost: FREE!)

This module is included with every WP Robot bundle you purchase or you can also download it for free and give it a test drive. It will automatically post clickBank ads to your blog and you can earn money through the ClickBank affiliate program.


5. Yahoo Answers Module (Cost: $20)

With this module you can enrich your blog by adding questions and answers related to any topic automatically. The content will be retrieved from Yahoo Answers. It adds all the answers of the question as comments to the created posts, with the best answer on top! You can choose the language of these posts between English, German, French, Spanish and Italian language.


6. YouTube Module (Cost: $15)

With the Youtube module you can easily add videos for any topic to your weblog on total autopilot. It will add up to 25 Youtube comments and adds them as comments to your blog posts. This module has over 30 languages available!


7. Translation Module (Cost: $10)

The translation module is different from the rest: It does not add new content to your blog, but instead can translate any content created by other modules into many languages. By using its powerful multi-translation feature it can also be used to rewrite posts and create unique content instantly! It can translate posts in 9 different languages. You can choose Google Translate or Yahoo Babelfish as your translator – or a random combination of both!


8. Flickr Image Module (Cost: $20)

This Flickr Module will post images on any topic to your weblog on autopilot. It uses the popular site – to get images for your autopilot blog.


9. Yahoo News Module (Cost: $15)

This module post the latest news about any topic to your weblog. The content will be retrieved from Yahoo News, which indexes millions of news posts from thousands of important websites every day. You can choose from many different languages, including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. It can add up to 5 news stories in a single WordPress post.


10. RSS Module (Cost: $20)

The RSS module allows you to add any RSS feed you can find to WP Robot and let the plugin regularly post all its content to your weblogs. It can Post the full article of the RSS feed (and not just a short description) if available.


11. Commission Junction Module (Cost: Free Bonus)

This is a new module introduced in WP Robot v3.0. It is available as a free bonus to WP Robot 3.0 new customers without any extra charges. This wp robot module helps you to earn affiliate commissions from commission junction. By using the WP Robot CJ module you can access all those advertisers programs, post product and listing data to your weblog on autopilot and earn great commissions from every sale you refer to one of the many merchants.


12. Oodle Module (Cost: Free Bonus)

Oodle is one of the biggest classified listing website. With this new WP Robot module included in wp robot 3.0, you can automatically post classified listings by to your weblog.


13. Shopzilla Module (Cost: FREE)

This new wp robot module included in wp robot 3.0 which is available for free as a demo module enables you to automatically post comparison shopping content by Shopzilla on your weblog. Shopzilla is one of the biggest shopping products comparison website on the internet.


14. Press Release Module (Cost: FREE)

Press Release Module is a new wp robot module available for free download to try. Using this wp robot module, you can post automatically the press releases from which is the biggest press release website in the world.


15. Twitter Module (Cost: FREE)

Twitter Module is a new wp robot module that lets you post tweets on your blog related to your niche automatically. This is also available for free download and included free in wp robot 3.0.


Features Of WP Robot

WP Robot has dozen of features which makes it stand out from any other auto plugin out there. Here is list of quick features of WP Robot:

  • Custom time intervals between posts
  • Control exactly what content is created by setting the probabilities of the modules you have
  • Creates tags for every post i.e you don’t need to look towards seo of each post
  • Automatic Link Cloaking cloaks all the links WP Robot creates thus it also reduces the number of outgoing links which helps in serps
  • Humanized Post Times Make your autoblogs look more natural by using the randomzed post time feature of WP Robot.
  • Backdating Create a large number of posts in the past in order to make newly created autoblogs appear like they were around for a long time already.
  • Many customizable options; You can for example choose if new posts are immediatelly published or added as drafts and much more…
  • You can customize templates of every module to make it appear according to you.
  • You get Free Support on the WP Robot forum also Free Updates for WP Robot for lifetime.
  • WP Robot comes with 14-days money back guarantee without asking any question.


Pricing Of WP Robot

Though you can purchase individual modules but I will honestly suggest you to go for the Full Elite Version Of WP Robot. And here is why:

The full version includes all modules available and can post content from Amazon, eBay, Yahoo News/Answers, Clickbank, Article Directories, RSS Feeds, Flickr and Youtube to your weblog. You get to add Unlimited Keywords in the elite version. It also offers the best value for your money as you get the largest rebate when buying it. Look at this chart:


WP Robot Elite
(unlimited keywords, unlimited website license, no featured link)
Amazon Module $25
Article Module $25
eBay Module $20
Yahoo Answers Module $20
Youtube Module $15
Translation Module $10
Flickr Module $20
Yahoo News Module $15
RSS Module $20
Total $169
now only: $129 (you save $40) NOW READ BELOW TO SAVE $30 MORE!


And now the best part of this is that you can get additional $30 discount on it i.e you will now just have to pay only $99 for the Full Elite Version of WP Robot. This will give you several new wp robot bonuses for free. For this you will have to use the wp robot discount coupon – “SMARTBLOGGERZ” while making the payment and you will see instant savings for your wp robot purchase.




[Note: This Coupon Is Valid For WP Robot Elite Version as well as for WP Robot Developers Version(in case you want to sell auto blogs to make income)]

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