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Hello Readers. I know many of you were waiting for the results of guest blogging gone crazy contest that was organized recently on this blog…Well that day has come when I am happy to unveil the winners of the 5 cash prize winners of this contest.

This contest had $1050 in cash prize to be won by 5 top performing guest authors and many authors participated as well as actively promoted their guest post to fight for their place in the winners list.

Here is again, the prizes for top 5 places if you have forgotten that:

  1. First Position – $550
  2. Second Position – $275
  3. Third Position – $125
  4. Fourth Position – $75
  5. Fifth Position – $25

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On 7th of October, all the guest posts that were submitted before 25th September for inclusion in SmartBloggerz’s Guest Blogging Gone CRAZY Contest were completely rolled out and published.

NOW is the time when you should start promoting your guest post to earn as many points you can and to win one of our cash prizes.

Promote your post till 17th  20th of October 2011 and whatever you earn till that date will be counted in the final tally. The final results will be revealed around 28th of October.

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The blog hasn’t been updated from last 5 days and the credit goes to my college. It made me so tired and busy throughout these past few days which made it impossible for me to update the blog with new content.

But now I’m getting back on the track slowly so I thought to put this quick update about SmartBloggerz’s Guest Blogging Contest.

The quick update is that I’ve extended the date a little. Now you can submit your guest post for review by the end of 25th September and you will be eligible for the contest. Guest Posts submitted for review after 25th September won’t be counted as part of this contest though it will be published on the blog.

If you have any questions then just ask it below in the comments or email-me using the contact form on this blog.

Having a great weekend? YES, I’m asking you; the one staring like an owl.

Anyways, it’s time to bring-in some updates for the ongoing Guest Blogging Gone CRAZY contest which is actually going quite CRAZY and you should not miss this opportunity to win cash prizes for guest posting on this blog.

This contest started with $900 in cash prizes but now we have one more Gold Sponsor which brings the total cash prize to be won at $1050.

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Alright, it’s time to unveil itGuest Blogging Gone CRAZY II Contest.

This time you can win $900 $1050 HARD CASH (actually virtual money 😛 ) just by getting your guest post published on this blog and getting as many points as possible (how? – keep reading…)

You can easily take away some cash with you when you submit your guest post starting from today till September 25th. Every guest post submitted before September 25th will be taken into consideration for the contest if it meets SmartBloggerz’s guest posting guidelines. BUT, only 1 guest post will be published everyday to give a fair chance to every guest author.

The circulation will continue even after September 25th if there happens to be a case that this contest gets a lot of posts. That means, there is no expected date that when this contest will end and the results be announced, but I will keep you updated when required by making updates on the blog and on the SmartBloggerz’s facebook fan page.

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