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This is a guest post by Tara Alley who is a freelance writer and spends her time promoting CoffeeHomeDirect. Tara, through this post is sharing tips that will help us to face the situation when you really want to blog something but aren’t able to do so due to writers block. I am sure these tips will be helpful for you.

We’ve all been there.  Your last post was 12 days ago.  Your e-mail inbox is flooded, and your readers are getting anxious.  But you, you’ve got zero inspiration and no motivation.  Excellent combo!

No, not really.  Okay, but the good news is that sometimes, sometimes some of the most awesome blogs stem from a mind that’s running on empty.

It sounds crazy, right?  Sure.  But, if you think about it, if you don’t have an idea, then that means that whatever you do manage to come up with is going to be entirely, completely new.  Forget the repetitive nature that so often accompanies well established blogs.

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This is a guest post by Peter Garety sharing us how we can keep our blog updated with fresh content in case we are struggling from writer’s block. Do make a visit to his Auto Traffic Avalanche blog.

The dreaded condition called writer’s block comes every so often, even to the most experienced of bloggers.

The words just won’t flow no matter how hard you stare at your computer screen with your fingertips posed over the keyboard or hold your pen against the surface of your legal pad.  🙂

The drought of words simply happens every once in a while, and when that drought occurs, the spell could last days, even weeks.

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This is a guest post by Tushar Agarwal from BloggersPassion.

Content is the most important thing for a blog. Although, some may argue that promotion is as important but you cannot ignore the good content in your blog.

Writing good, quality posts everyday is very difficult for a blogger and those who are regular bloggers and write everyday, it’s very difficult to keep adding fresh content to their blog. After all, ideas did not come in a single click.

Part time bloggers could still manage it because of low posting frequency but for daily bloggers, make sure that you are writing high quality content. You need to do your homework and research well and should always be ready with the next 15 posts ideas

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