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I believe that a lot of webmasters and Internet marketers who are serious about promoting products or services don’t take testimonials seriously. Many of them feel as if other people don’t take testimonials seriously either. There are a multitude of reasons for this, and a few of them are as follows…

  • They believe people don’t believe the testimonials anymore
  • They believe testimonials can be easily faked
  • They believe testimonials are usually solicited
  • And they believe testimonials have no real value to their business

I can understand this, but something you must understand is that in this world anyone who is looking to spend money on a product or service will want to have their fears and doubts eased. People will look for anything they can to feel better and confident about the product or service they see offered from a given website or Internet marketer.

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Are you having an online business website that runs on a cheap web hosting or a web hosting that is kind of using an old technology? Is your web hosting server shaking due to high use of resources causing various problems? Do you think that it can handle your online business which is growing day by day?

Until now, shared hosting was the best choice you could make if you wanted a cheap and reliable solution to host your website or application on the Web.

But of course, this technology is not without its limitations: you get few resources, the security isn’t very tight and you can’t upgrade your package if and when your site needs more processing power.

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This is a guest post by Nitin Aggarwal from OffshoreAlly telling us 6 tips for proper management of our freelancing business.

As a freelancer or owner of a freelancing business, you have the freedom and opportunity to set your own hours, rates, and schedule. Many people would say that you are truly living the dream!

However, there is a dark side to freelancing if you don’t handle your daily tasks and scheduling properly; leaving you with a crazy workload, angry clients, and unpaid invoices.

How do you prevent this nightmare from coming true?

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