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This is a guest post by John Mak from and with this post you are going to learn how you can easily REFRESH your mind while blogging..making you say..YEAH!! These are some great ways to tackle the major signs showing your absolutely no interest while blogging.

If you’re a blogger, chances are that you spend countless hours behind your computer, staring at your monitor. While this is a necessary and enjoyable part of a blogger’s lifestyle it can often lead to mental burnout, staleness and even eye strain.

Today, I’d like to talk about a few ways to avoid mental burnout and to help you get the most out of blogging.

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This is a guest post by Brandon Connell from My Crazy Lotto Experiment.

When I recently launched My Crazy Lotto Experiment, I instantly thought about how I was going to drive traffic to it. My first thought was to announce it on my already established blog at, and then start writing a guest post on a blog that I have appeared on in the past.

The reason I decided on these two tactics first is because I have had great experience with guest posting, and I knew that leveraging my existing reader-base would be wise as they would be curious to see what I was up to.

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Writing Original content for your blog is important nowadays. You can’t rehash the same old stuff from other blogs. This is a guest post by Tim Handorf, who writes on the topics of online colleges and is sharing with us today Tips On How to Write Original Blogs.

Part of maintaining a successful blog means writing fresh, original content on a regular basis. Just think about the blogs you follow regularly, and ask yourself why you follow that particular blog rather than other blogs of the same genre.

Chances are the reason you follow certain blogs is because something about the blogger’s unique style of writing appeals to you — it stands out from the crowd.

So why is it that many blogs you see these days only copy the ideas of another blogger?

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This is a guest post by Frank Lee from Internet Marketing Systems. Today, he is sharing 9 powerful blog writing tips with us.

Anyone can start a blog. These days, it seems that just about everyone does. With a WordPress or Blogger account (or any one of the other free services out there) you can have a blog set up in minutes.

However, for every one excellent blog out there, there are thousands of bad ones.

The good news is that there are several keys to creating an excellent blog, and I’ve listed them for you here.

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