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This is a guest post by Natasha who is going to help us today how to deal with those common distractions we often face while blogging. I am surely going to try out her solutions for the distractions she has talked about today in this post. I usually face those everyday.

Whilst I write this post, there are a number of things that can divert my attention; some can be controlled, while others are what we call “external factors”. Writing is a job that requires a lot of concentration, and a simple post will end up taking ages to complete, if you are allowing all of these distractions to get the better of you.

Distractions are there for each and every blogger, unless you are blogging as a job from an office, even then you’ll have to face some of these distractions. Even though some writers can still write amidst these distractions, but the end result will be of mediocre quality, because you weren’t using your mind to the fullest.

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This is a guest post by Lauren Bailey from .With this post today, she is introducing us to the signs that will help you decide whether you should continue blogging further or take a break for sometime.

If you’re like me, you’ve faced your share of struggles as a blogger. Many of us bloggers work very hard to promote our blogs, our online businesses, and our brands, so it makes sense that at some point of another we will have a hard time making a post or we will have a few days of slow writing and idea-making. At some point, we should take a step back from the computer and relax.

Of course, I don’t mean you should give up! Instead, I mean that you might be better of taking an internet break and doing some relaxing activity to recharge your blogging muscles.

Here are a few signs that you should take that recovery break, relax yourself, and enjoy the fresh air!

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