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This is a guest post by Steven from CriminalJusticeDegreeSchools.com.

Offline companies spend millions each year perfecting the packaging of their products, because they realize the color schemes and the outward design of the packaging can affect the products bottom-line.

Visual stimuli can attract an individual to a particular product or it can have the exact opposite affect if the stimuli isn’t appealing to the eye.

These facts are critical to bloggers and webmasters because the visual appeal of your blog can affect how a visitor responds to your website. A poorly designed blog can have a repellent affect which will cause visitors to hit the back button. This will inevitably lead to a higher bounce rate and recent signals suggest that Google is taking a sites bounce rate into consideration when ranking a site or webpage.

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This is a guest post by Modi who is an SEO and web design expert who works for a London based health spa and telling us today the 5 common seo mistakes that most of the web designers make while designing websites for their client and why you should know them being a client to avoid loss of search engine traffic.

Are you or your web designer just focused on the designing part of the website? Making a site looking pretty is great but design shouldn’t jeopardize other important factors such as:

  • Content
  • Crawling
  • Visibility
  • Rankings
  • Traffic

A very common situation many web designers come across is that they design a great website that aesthetically is very appealing, has great photos, banners, fonts etc but after a few months the phone starts ringing with the client complaining about lack of visitors and traffic.

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