First released nearly seven years ago, WordPress now has over 202 million blogs worldwide. This application for publishing blogs is popular for its unique user interface and up to date features. As of the moment, WordPress has garnered several awards including the best Open Source CMS Award. But of course, publishing web content is almost impossible without a theme. Otherwise, every page would have looked the same. That’s why WordPress offers tons of themes to choose from – each with their own pros and cons.

One of the best and most popular themes is Thesis.



What makes Thesis stand out from all the usual themes?

There are thousands of wordpress themes being used by bloggers. They offer you key functions such as allowing the use of widgets and other applications. Aside from having a good design, it is important for a theme to be widget friendly. That is because these widgets give life to your page. Just like all of the other themes, Thesis provides those key functions. The only difference isit goes beyond that!

Thesis Theme Designing Makes It Easy

Most themes will focus only on the layout. Thesis gives you convenience and accessibility. Learning internet languages such as HTML and CSS is definitely an arduous task. And it is very unnecessary to put so much effort onto learning a computer language just for the purpose of posting web content. The highlight of Thesis is its user friendliness. Building your own blogs does not always need to be nerve wracking. For technologically challenged neophytes, Thesis would provide you with the best solution.

Thousands are onto Thesis. And this is another reason why this theme very much fits a technologically challenged neophyte. It is an inevitable fact that even programming gurus encounter problems in building their websites.

Thesis Theme SEO Makes It Different

Another great plus is that Thesis Theme has the strongest SEO as compared to other rival themes. Thesis skins are compatible with almost all of the web browsers available today. Thus, you can share your web content to everyone in the world. With the proper combination of power and convenience, Thesis is truly a theme which stands out from the rest.

Thesis Theme is User Friendly

When certain themes claim the title “user-friendly”, it is not necessary a good thing. More often than not, these themes compromise the features just to attain the “user-friendly” status. This is where Thesis Theme diverts from the usual deficiencies of easy to use themes. Thesis is customizable.

Meaning, you are given the freedom to make modifications regarding the layout of your site and the applications that come with it. In a way, Thesis is like a theme within a theme. Because of its extensive capacity to be customized, you can create your own Thesis, so to speak. Contrary to most themes, Thesis can be fully customized using only three files: “custom.css”,”layout.css” and “custom_functions.php”. In most themes, you would have to modify loads of files just to make your desired effect appear in your blog.

Thesis Theme is Future Proof

Themes do get outdated. And in order to be able to catch–up with the latest trends in technology, programmers have to make updates. But that is exactly the problem! A lot of web programmers would no longer provide updates after you purchase their theme. And even if they do provide free updates, what would happen to the blog you built? What if the codes or files are no longer applicable with the updated version?

If you have already encountered something like this, then you would definitely consider this as a very big predicament. Luckily, the programmers of Thesis have seen past that problem and devised an effective and efficient solution. The two files used in customizing Thesis remain compatible with the new version. In the event that a new version or update is released, all you have to do is to copy and paste the contents of the two files to your new and improved Thesis.

Naturally, there would be add-ons that come with the updates. But modification of the codes you used to customize your page would be minimal or sometimes unnecessary. This way, your hard work won’t be put to waste.

What gives WordPress newbies the privilege of knowing all?

If you are at the middle of building your blog and you suddenly find yourself at a dead end, you can simply visit one of the several support forums for Thesis. Most forums would have a “frequently asked questions” section and you would most likely find the answer to your question there. If not, someone from the forum would definitely provide you with a solution. These forums are built by the thousands of Thesis users as a place where they can exchange information and ideas on how to maximize the use of Thesis.

Everyone Is Satisfied With Thesis Theme!

Thesis users are very satisfied with the capacity of their theme. Many users show their satisfaction through writing good reviews in their private blogs or passing it through the word of mouth. Thesis users agree that this theme is a big time- saver. In a society where time is really of the essence, it is very important to make the most out of every minute. That is why Thesis has constantly been the popular choice. Thesis increases an individual’s level of efficiency and productivity with the help of its powerful yet easy to use tools- while at the same time, making them feel comfortable.

Making adjustments in Thesis do not entail careful analysis and modification of codes. It is pre-set with several custom made choices that are very innovative. Simple checkboxes, drop-down lists, and checklists are all you have to deal with when making modifications even at a larger scale.

Conclusion — A Must Buy!

Thesis is probably the best starting point for those who wish to venture on web design. On the other hand, it can also serve as a great tool for web programming pros since it provides features which are far beyond the basic. Installing plugins that are specially made for Thesis, such as the Thesis Open Hooks, would energize the capacity of your theme further.

Thesis Theme can be purchased under two licenses

  1. Developer License – Unlimited Websites
  2. Personal License – Use On One Website Only


Developer’s Option – $164

For less than the price of two Personal Options, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited use of Thesis on sites that you own
  • Access to all-new beta versions of Thesis before final release!
  • Access to Client Site Options, which allow you to deploy Thesis on sites for clients
  • Access to members-only Answers and Forums
  • Lifetime Thesis upgrades
  • Footer attribution removal, even on clients’ sites!


Personal Option – $87

  • Use of Thesis on one live website and one localized development server
  • Access to the Developer’s Option Upgrade for only $77
  • Access to members-only Answers and Forums
  • Lifetime Thesis upgrades
  • No footer attribution removal



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