Many people are looking for a review of im elite. IM Elite is really making the internet marketing industry go crazy. That’s why I have decided to provide im elite review here.

IM Elite is a membership site where you will learn Internet Marketing in a completely new way that you haven’t experienced before. This website has been brought by Alex Shelton & George Brown and these two names are very familiar in the internet marketing industry.

IM Elite membership is little bit different from what you might have seen before. They have gone with a little interactive and content focus theme.

It’s a kind of social networking site like Facebook where you will learn Internet Marketing watching training videos, taking help from expert coaches, and share knowledge with other members on the board with lots of fun. It contains many exclusive webinars, interviews that will help you learn and know about internet marketing better.

On joining, you will be greeted with a video that will tell you what IM Elite is all about and just below that you will find various training videos.

The membership contains 40 Exclusive Training Videos under various categories, viz. :

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • Info Marketing
  • Interviews
  • Self Improvement
  • Sniper Training
  • Traffic Generation

There are 5 expert coaches that are actively creating and managing groups for IM Elite members. And it allows members to implement powerful internet marketing techniques right along with the coach. Isn’t that Exciting!!!

In terms of interactivity and social networking kind of thing, IM Elite gives you the option to rate the training videos, you can comment on them, you can contact other people on the network by sending private message or mentioning their name just like you do on facebook or twitter, you can create groups to share internet marketing related knowledge within your group or work on your special projects.

im elite

You can also create blogs on IM Elite just like your personal diaries where you can share your updates/progress regarding your ongoing projects, share your marketing tips etc. They even have a forum that brings the whole IM Elite community close where they can discuss on many internet marketing related topics, their questions, ideas, problems etc.

IM Elite has already got attention of almost 2000+ active members. So you are really assured to have fun with IM Elite membership community.


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