Top 5 Non-Advertising Methods to Monetize Your Blog

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This is a guest post by Brandon Laughridge of MontageLoanPlace .

Bloggers have access to an advertiser’s dream – highly-targeted readers. So why can’t you make money off your blog? Maybe it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

There are other options out there that can bring in significantly more income than standard ads.

Below are the Top 5 Non-Advertising Methods you can try today if you’re ready to start better monetizing your blog.

1) Get Paid for “Spreading the Word”

Companies know that to get the word out about their company, service, or promotion, they need to be talked about on blogs.

Blogs represent a very powerful medium for announcing, reviewing and discussing a company’s services or products.  But did you know you can get paid to do so? And this isn’t some tired paid review tactic.

A quick search of Twitter and the web shows these current offers:

That’s just in the world of mortgages. What about your niche? Search Twitter here.

Keeping an eye out for these offers is an easy way to make a big pay day for your blog. It sure beats $.05 clicks from Google’s Adsense.

2) Sell Content

Create a Subscription-Based Section

This could be in the form of a ‘premium’ service, where you offer exclusive content or benefits to your most passionate followers.

This is a fantastic monetization strategy if you are willing to put in extra effort to create outstanding content. It can become a nice recurring income stream that relies on your talents, not search rankings or affiliate payouts.  Examples of successful subscription models on blogs include and

Develop and Sell an eBook or Guide

Another path to a solid recurring revenue stream is to write a quality guide in your niche and sell it for a fee or add affiliate links and distribute it for free.

3) Consult

Your readers already trust your experience and expertise. If they read your posts consistently, it probably means they value your insight.  Regardless of your area of expertise, there is someone out there willing to pay for your advice (if you are a true expert).

Start advertising your willingness to consult on your blog. Ask friends and business associates if they need assistance. Before long, you could have a nice set of client thanks initially to your blog.

4) Free Products and Services

Approach companies in your industry and ask them if they will supply you with free products or services for a review.  Remember to provide an accurate review, even if it’s bad, and ensure the company understands this to maintain your integrity.

Companies give away all kinds of free products and services (consulting, event tickets, sports gear, and more) to anyone who will talk about them– for better or worse.  This is not a way to bring in a lot of money, but a good way to get free stuff. Be proactive here and contact companies that sell products that make sense based on your blog and readership.

5) Sell Out!

If you are having trouble justifying the time it takes to maintain your blog with the income it brings, you could consider selling it.

Depending on the industry and visitors, you may be able to command a high price. One oft-cited example of blogger riches is BankRate’s $15 million acquisition of the Bankaholic blog.  There have been thousands of blog acquisitions over the last few years. Many did not garner the publicity of Bankrate, but the money is there.

One word to the wise – if you are serious about this route, and have a blog bringing in lots of visitors and traffic, talk to an investment banker. They can help bring together the best buyers for your blog and ensure you get maximum monetary value.

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Adeline March 20, 2012 at 11:46 am

I guess you need to build a good reputation. Then making money through non advertising will be that much more fruitful. Thanks for sharing your ideas Brandon.

Vernette May 19, 2012 at 7:00 am

Thanks for the tips. Offering consultation services is definitely a great idea. Many bloggers fail to realize how much of an expert they are in certain fields and fail to use consultation as a means of monetizing their blogs. It took a blog reader of one of my blogs to ask me if she can consult with me for a fee, in order for me to see the value in this.

Nanm June 14, 2012 at 3:09 pm

These are looking really different ways to monetize your blog. I agree with Adeline that you should have some reputation for achieving success in this way.

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