Content vs Marketing! Which is King?

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This is a guest post by Felix Albutra who is Blogging For Profit.

There many blog authors arguing which blogging method is king. Some says Content is the King and some says Marketing is the King.

For you, which is king? This post will express my opinion regarding these two successful blogging techniques.

Is Content a King?

As many other successful blogging gurus teach you, Content is the king of all methods to be successful on blogging business or internet marketing. Creating quality contents to your blog is indeed one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. Meaning, content is considered as the flesh of your blog while traffic is its blood. Having these two elements, would let stay alive on the blogosphere (the world of blogs).

Is having content on your blog enough to be successful in online business? There are many great articles I had read but they are not gaining much traffic. In other words, those quality articles didn’t receive good rewards from search engine to earn free traffic. In which the author end up to discouragement and abandoned their blogs because they haven’t earn money from it if they were willing to. It’s sad to say. Would you let it happen to you? I guest you won’t. What should you do?

Huh! Marketing is the King?

A blogger had already revealed his secret why marketing is the king and not the content. The first time I had read this article, I was convinced that I think he is right from the examples he had shown. But then I realized that marketing blogs without quality contents is like selling a rotten meat in the market. Who would try to revisit your blog if you don’t have the quality information which your readers need?

Content vs. Marketing

Upon balancing these two great strategies, I figured out that these two strategies must have in your blogging and internet marketing activities in order to succeed online. After creating quality content for your blog, you must apply the marketing processes you knew to gather readers or viewers all you have to do is to market that content to gather readers or viewers on it.

It’s not enough that you all have the quality contents on your blog where no one is reading or viewing on it, right? Because it only consumes your efforts and time without receiving profit reward from it.

You Decide! Which is King?

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Nanm September 19, 2012 at 12:28 pm

I think both strategies are very vital to succeed online. Content is the most important factor in order to attract more visitors if it is really unique and that’s what Google does like the most.
Doing marketing with such unique and the rich content can always give you the better result to get success online.

ayesha atif April 9, 2013 at 10:52 pm

In my opinion both of the strategies go hand in hand. According to the guidelines of Google Panda the content is the King. Absolutely if the content is relevant to the site and contains the relevant keywords with the right density, then it could make your site make up to the ranking. along with this proper SEO of the site especially off page link building techniques can help to boost up the relevant traffic to your site. First priority is to be placed to the content because without proper and relevant content you will be unable to retain long term traffic.

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