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This is a guest post by Tom Walker of CartridgeSave.

Looking for and finding blog post ideas often seems easy when you first start blogging, but as you progress in your blogging career, you might find yourself running out of topic ideas or subject matter for posts. The more you post, the more you might find yourself scratching your head as to what to discuss next. You certainly don’t want to rehash the same old subject matter time and again, as that will likely deter return visitors and will make posting a bore for you.

So how do you come up with new and interesting ideas that will keep readership up, followers coming back, and you interested and excited about the subject matter on which you post?

Sometimes a jolt of inspiration will come to you, or a follower might suggest a topic. Other times you may stumble across an idea while searching other blogs and websites. But what if good ideas are lacking on a particular occasion and inspiration is fleeting? This is the time when a few standard title ideas can come in handy. Articles that are pretty much set in stone but with a fill-in-the-blank type style.

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If you’re looking for a few of these standard issue posts, here are five title ideas that can handle inordinate amount of topics and subjects and can pretty much be used by any type of blog in just about any niche out there.

1. Tutorials & How-tos

It’s hard to go wrong with a step-by-step or ‘how-to’ title post unless you just don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to the subject matter. However, if you’ve picked a topic with which you are knowledgeable and is relevant to your blog’s subject matter, you could have a dynamite format on your hands. The great thing about these types of articles is that you can utilize them for a number of subjects, they are usually quick and easy to read, as well as to write.

2. Interview or Q&A

An interview or question and answer post could give your blog the credibility it needs to become a leader among its niche. The downside with this post category is that you will need people to interview. Moreover, while you can go out and interview any ‘Joe Blow’ on the street, if your interviews aren’t conducted with industry experts or professionals relating to your particular blog topic, you might not be successful in your efforts.

Interviewing the server at your local coffee shop regarding the hottest stock picks or commodities trading probably won’t work out too well and will likely be a waste of your time. Interview pieces are typically a bit more involved, both in time and in effort, so this category likely won’t be one that you can use to spit out a quick post in a time crunch.

3. Quick List or Top 10

The quick list or top 10 is probably the easiest idea to come up with and write, and may be one of the most popular amongst the blogging world. These lists typically don’t have to be in-depth writing. Often, a sentence or two for each point will suffice. And you can load your list with links if you’re feeling up to it. Sometimes you can even cut the workload by limiting a post to a top 5 list instead of a top 10.

4. The Megalist

This type of blog post requires a bit more work than the top 10 list, often consisting of at least 20 items, all the way up to 100 listed items or more. Certainly this kind of posts are more time consuming than the quick list or top 10, but typically more useful to your readers. The megalist can provide readers with a huge source of information and like the top 10, can be loaded up with links.

5. Review Something

The ‘review’ idea, much like the interview, might take a bit more effort than some other title subjects, however; this is largely dependent on the subject, product, or service being reviewed as well as your expertise and experience with the item. Reviews can be brief and to the point or cover a broad range of subject or product aspects and characteristics. From movies and television shows to stocks, coffees, and cleaning services, there is a huge range of topics that the review post can cover.


And so, these five basic post ideas are great to keep in mind when creating articles for your blog and will help you keep creating high quality, interesting and fresh material. Feel free to mash them up and imbibe your own sense of creativity on them, as your own originality is what draws new and old readers in.

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Madeline January 17, 2011 at 5:36 am

Product or Service Review is one of the most effective blogging post ideas. One reason is your blog articles will become unique because of your personal insight of what the product or services could give when an individual buys it.

Jihn Weber March 7, 2011 at 7:03 pm

I often write to blog about something that I know before, something i saw on TV…ideas, actaully, always around us! And our aim – from all ideases get just one, that is best!

Michelle Sterling September 7, 2011 at 12:58 am

I must say that my favorites are how-to’s and interviews. This is usually where comments and traffic are generated the most. A good mix of all types is also good, of course.

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