Don’t Do These Bloggers – Or You Are Dead!

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This is a guest post by Onibalusi Bamidele from YoungPrePro.

I know you are caught by the title of this post. Anyways, let’s go on.

Ohoo! So you don’t know what it means for a blogger to die? You don’t have to die physically as a blogger before we say you are dead, you can die by being inactive, quitting your blogging career, blogging without success etc.

Many bloggers have died while some of us are still blogging, as it is being said; the beginning is not the main thing but the end. The fact that you are so passionate with blogging or you are so knowledgeable about the subject you blog about does not mean you cannot die the bloggers death.

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Below are some things you should avoid as a plague in order to prevent yourself from dying the bloggers death.

1. Not Planning Your Blog Before You Start

It is not too late, you can still get started. I personally faced this problem when I started; I started when I was not that knowledgeable about blogging and make money online. I chose a domain name that I can not relate with in the future so I decided to start again. Wait! Hear me! Don’t say you have gone far. My blog was PR4, alexa rank 100,000 and hundreds of daily unique visitors when I started.

Many bloggers fail to plan their blog when they are getting started, some of them will chose a name not related to what they are blogging about, some of them will choose a niche because it is popular (e.g. make money online or blogging niche). Your blog should be a product of effective planning; you just don’t have to begin right away.

You should be able to know what your blog will be about before choosing a name; you should also know how your blog will be promoted. You should also know your audience before you start. If you are planning to make money blogging, then you should not go into a niche where people are not willing to spend.

2. Using A Free Domain

In fact, this is the most dangerous type of death a blogger will experience. After a blogger dies this type of death, they will not even be able to see his bones – Don’t die like this.

Many bloggers are always using free domains for their blog in the name of them changing when they start getting some traction.

Let me ask you, will you want to change a website with thousands of daily visitors? No! You will be afraid of losing your visitors.

The best thing to do is to avoid this problem. Start with a paid domain, try as much as possible to avoid domains related to blogspot, and the likes. There was a case of a blogger who created several blogger blogs, he posted on them regularly and used adsense to make money from them. Very soon, this blogger was making $2000 a month from adsense. He woke up one morning, just to find that all his blogs has been deleted by blogger.

He tried contacting them on this, but they disagreed by saying his blog is a splog (spam blog).

Free blog hosts have the right to delete your blog anytime they want so stay away from them.

3. Thinking Of Yourself Only

Let me tell you one secret, your blog is all about your readers and not yourself. Don’t try to dominate your blog with yourself only.

Many bloggers fail to acknowledge the importance of their readers to their blog, they just do anyhow they like. They annoy their readers; they ignore the suggestions of their readers and end up with an excuse of  “After all, it is my blog”. It is truly your blog but it is a failure without your readers.

Try to interact with your readers, cater for their needs and give them adequate support.

4. Irregular Posting Schedule

Many bloggers fail to realize the importance of posting regularly. I discovered that I got more traffic to my blog when I was posting everyday compared to when I was posting 3 times a week.

Your readers love your blog, and that is why they are reading it. It is very important to update your blog regularly because it keeps your readers coming and it helps you build a better relationship with them. There is no suggested frequency for posting on your blog, but the more the better.

If you are posting 5 times a day and you do it regularly, your readers will be adapted to your posting schedule, if you also post three times a week, your readers will also be adapted. It is also advisable not to post less than once a week.

5. Deceiving Your Readers

It is no secret that I am a Nigerian Blogger. Why lie that you are in the US when you are not.

I was thinking about this one day: I was thinking that what if I lied to be in the US, and I got very popular one day to the extent of the media carrying me, if they ask to come and interview me, will I now be telling them I am a Nigerian. Don’t destroy your reputation, tell the truth.

Many bloggers go ahead to tell their users lies about the type of traffic they get and such, don’t claim yourself to be bigger or smaller than you are, be sincere with yourself and your readers, and they will like you for it.

At The End…

I know many of us are bloggers, and we don’t want to die (at least, not the type of death explained above (especially the one in no. 2). The above are 5 deadly blogging poisons we must never take, they kill without remedy.

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Source Blogger June 17, 2010 at 7:14 pm


Where do you find all these great guest bloggers?

By the way, thank you for all your recent help on Source Blogger.

Very much appreciated.

Onibalusi, point #3, thinking of only yourself, was so on point!

Jeffrey Baril Source Blogger

John Cooper September 10, 2011 at 2:50 am

Hi Onibalusi,

Directed here from 10 best tips at MMA social network, well when I started to read your post I just found it as a simple article but when I get through it I found really tremendous and well elaborating information which really causes a blog to RIP. These are few simple tips which most bloggers commits and these simple mistake let those bloggers get ruined.There are many more thing regarding this post which are not covered here but through out this is a very impressive post and I am sure going to read more of yours.


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