How Young Bloggers Are Benefitting From Starting Out Early

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I’m not quite sure if this is really the “in” thing these days but it seems like in every corner, you’ll easily find a kid (also means a teenager) who either has his own blog/website or is doing client work as a business. I know this phenomenon has started even in the earlier part of this decade but I just couldn’t help but get amazed on how these young kids get to work and be crafty on starting their own mini business.

Even though I’m speaking like an old man, I, myself is only 19 years old so I kinda understand why young people like us (including the owner of this blog) are so determined on carving our way into entrepreneurial success. Of course, the ratio of successful youngsters against those who are not is pretty small. But that is understandable. I mean most of them are not yet even in college so how do you expect them to know all those marketing and entrepreneurial stuffs?

Fail or not though, I still think that we, youngsters are still gaining a lot of values that is very beneficial to our growth, and in long term, the success. I have written a short post before on why teenagers should try making money by now but I feel that’s just a small part.

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So now I am going to list here the different reasons why it’s helping us become a better entrepreneur:

1. We Realize That It’s Not Like Playing Games

Kids, teenagers, youngsters all have one thing in common, we love to play. Whether it’s playing sports, toys, computer games and stuffs, we enjoy playing every time. When starting something online though, we come to a hard realization that it’s not just like playing a game. That we are not going to emerge victorious most of times like in the computer games. All in all it’s fun, but it’s giving us a good taste of what to expect in reality. Obviously it’s a big factor for a kid to have a realization like that.

2. We Become More Independent

Admit it, sometimes you are in the situation where you have to make a decision. And worse, you know that nothing older than you in your family could help you. Even in as simple as blogging, each and every one of us makes our own decisions. Should I implement this strategy? Should I pay for this product? Is doing this thing going to help me? Even though we can pretty much ask other people in forums or social networks for some help, in the end it is still going to be our own decision. That’s decision-making skills!

3. We Get To Be More Competitive

Kids, by nature are competitive. How many times have you seen two or more kids in a tussle? That alone is a proof that we are naturally competitive. I have a good own story to share as well and it’s basically about when I got banned from Google Adsense. That time that was my only source and when I got banned, I was forced to look into online business from a wider perspective.  By starting and doing our own things, we are enabling ourselves to learn a lot and also develop that competitive spirit that is a powerful weapon in the long haul.

4. Better Budgeting Skills

When I was in my early days, I was like “if I started earning I will buy myself 2 shirts and 2 jeans every month”. Ironically when I started earning, I became more frugal. I started becoming a tight ass and instead of going out partying with the money I made, I began to take down notes, do a little accounting and stuffs. I don’t know but our parents oftentimes tell us that it’s easy for us to spend big because we ourselves don’t make the money and I think it’s true. If there’s one thing that I improved the most, it’s probably the budget skills.

5. Communication Skills (Communicating Professionally)

Communication is not a problem for most people, professional communication is! Most of us need to get rid of those jargon, taboo terms when communicating with a potential client or talking to a wide audience in form of a blog post. And on the flip side, we have to learn to adapt quick, try to understand what it seems like wordy conversations and stuffs. Being a young entrepreneur, we already have a feeling of what a corporate world can be.

6. Learning All The Tech Stuffs

It’s funny but every time I tell a story to my relative on how I am managing multiple websites and blogs, they were almost always shocked. They think that it would take a nerd to run a website, a wordpress blog or just about anything online. And having a website is just one part of this business. Running automated scripts, database management, graphics stuff, testing and tweaking, etc are all other tech stuffs that we unknowingly discover and learn along the way. And for some people, they even take a specific short-course to study that.


If you’re a young fella who’s very passionate into what you are doing online then I really hope you can realize your potential and not quit. After all, we’re young (how many times did I use this adjective already? 😮 ), and we can still afford to fail a hundred times and still be successful in the end.  With all those things I listed above, I do hope that it will only motivate you more and continue to strive and be thirsty for success.

I would very much love your opinion about this. If you can add something more to the list, then speak out your minds!

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Jarvis June 13, 2010 at 8:58 pm

Can’t help but smile with this post. Its so true. everytime i get asked on how I do this and i explain them the answer, they always say they cant get the point. Goes to show that youngsters know more than the old ones especially in the field of technology

Matt June 13, 2010 at 9:02 pm

Good post. But then there are tons of downsides too that I do hope you can talk about sometime. For instance most kids who make money start to become arrogant and irresponsible. I agree with what Ajith said, getting a degree should always still be the highest priority.

Sheing June 27, 2010 at 8:21 am

I personally think young people should not focus 100% on blogging or on the internet for that matter. There are a lot of important stuff that young people should take part on like getting a college education, improving social interactions among people, etc.

Jayant October 2, 2010 at 2:46 pm

“we come to a hard realization that it’s not just like playing a game”

i fully agree with it as I am also 12 years…..really….just started blogging though….

Oscar February 7, 2011 at 6:12 pm

If blogging at an early age makes a younger person more responsible and gives them financial benefits without sacrificing their studies, then I guess it’s not a very big problem.
I think all it takes is good time management to be able to do everything very essential for a young teen to have a better future.
The secret there is just to be passionate about what their doing, enjoying every moment and most importantly, the support of their parents who makes sure their priorities are set.

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