6 Tips On Changing Your Blog Before Guest Blogging

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This is a guest post by Robert Bellarmine from Visitask.com.

Do you know that there are some changes that you will need to make to your blog before starting your guest blogging campaign?

Indeed there are many benefits that are associated with guest blogging but unfortunately not all webmasters are making the most of this activity.

In order to help you learn more on this topic I have written this short article and I hope that it will be useful for you.

1. Easy Subscription

Guest blogging will definitely increase the traffic on your site and as such you will want to boost your email subscribers. This is why it is important that you tweak your landing page to make sure that you make it easy for people to subscribe to your email list.

Make sure that your subscription page is simple and quick to use. Additionally you might be interested to offer a gift that is related to your guest post to encourage people to subscribe to your email list.

2. Social Media boost

Similarly you might want to make use of guest blogging to boost your social media initiative. This is why it might be interesting for you to place your Facebook and Twitter button on prominent place to encourage people to Like your page or follow you.

It is also important that your social media pages are of a good standard just as your guest posts. For instance you will want to use the same logo and color schemes across all your social media sites to give a form of congruence.

3. Quality Content

You should make sure that you have enough quality content on your blog before starting your guest blogging campaign. The new visitors on your blog will obviously want to read more articles from you and it might be a good idea that you have some good articles on your blog before starting.

This is why it might be a bad idea for you to start a guest blogging campaign when your blog is still new. You might also want to install some plugins on your blog to give your readers with your recent and related posts to keep your readers longer on your blog.

4. Introduce Yourself

You should also make sure that you have a good introduction page (about me page) on your site. Do not go for a generic page that you can find on all other sites. Your ‘about’ page should contain your contact information, some background information and your photo.

At the same time you should make sure that your about page is easy to read and not a long boring page that people will just skim through.

5. Professional Design

It is important that your blog displays a form of professionalism. Most of the authority sites have some well-developed templates and it is important that your own blog is up to the standard. There are some premium templates that you can use or may be hire some designer to help you with a professional design for your blog.

6. Site Speed

The speed at which a site loads can also be instrumental when it comes to attracting readers. Many people do not want to wait for a long time to get a site to load and may just close their browser. This is why it is important that you consider your site loading speed and make sure that you make adjustments when needed. You can read articles on various sites which teaches you how to speed up wordpress blog. In some cases disabling some plugins can also help improve your site loading speed.

Guest blogging can be really useful when it comes to promoting your online business but at the same time you will want to make some changes to your own blog before starting. Indeed some simple changes can improve the effectiveness of your guest blogging campaign and help you make the most of the campaign.

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Kostas@Online Opportunities September 7, 2011 at 4:22 pm

Great tips, of course the most important is to write informative and quality guest posts that will make the readers wanting to learn more from you and search your blog to find more!

Akash Kumar October 25, 2011 at 7:39 pm

To get the most of guest blogging you have to first establish your blog, make sure the blog has started getting decent amount of traffic and has some quality backlinks.

Michelle Sterling November 19, 2011 at 8:46 am

Guest blogging is something that any blog owner needs to prepare for. There are lots of factors to consider before jumping into this strategy. Great tips here.

Carol Wilson January 23, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Guest blogging helps both ,the guest blogger who gets in front of a targeted audience, drives traffic and gets quality backlinks. And the blog owner gets fresh, unique content to engage their readers and grow their blog.This is post is really a helful advice for guest blogging.

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